7.85″ iPad to be named “iPad mini” and iPod Nano will have Wi-Fi

Just some moments ago, we posted that the iPad mini will be launched in October, this news was brought by a very reliable source. However, we have news related to the iPad mini or the smaller iPad. The famous Japanese blog, Macotakara, who already posted about many leaks of the iPhone 5 and iPad mini broke out some exclusive news. According to the sources, the smaller iPad will be called as “iPad mini”. However, only “iPad” logo will be printed at the back side of the iPad mini.

According to Asian source, the name of Apple’s new product, which are expected to have 7″85′ and called as iPad mini, will be named as “iPad mini” officially. This source expects that “iPad” logo will be printed on back of case same as “iPod” is printed on iPod nano and iPod touch, and it means one new product will be added on iPad’s product brand genre

Naming a device for such a giant tech company is very important. Well, this blog has also posted that iPod Nano, one of the revolutionary products ever made by Apple, will also get an update. We haven’t seen any special upgrade in Apple iPod line since last two years. iPod Nano was redesigned two years back in to a rectangular shape with Multitouch display. However, now it will have another important feature, Wi-Fi just to enable the iTunes in the iCloud support. Here’s what the Macotakara posted about this update:

Next iPod nano may equip Wi-Fi antenna on side of that case, and support iTunes Music Cloud in order Apple to provide a iconic product to promote the largest Music Store in the world.

What are your thoughts about iPad mini name and the iPod Nano’s Wi-Fi feature? Let us know in the comments section below.


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