Add Features to Chrome for iPhone / iPad

If you don’t think Google chrome’s current version among the best i-browsers out there then we will recommend you to update your browser with amazing Jailbreak tweaks which will make your browser the perfect one.  If you guys still can recall, we have already updated you with Chromizer in one of our recent posts that has brought you distinctive features like full screen browsing, multiple tap features and many more, read here.

One of the missing features on Chrome is the Safari Keyboard which allows you to add certain domains with a simple touch. ChromeURL is the only cool jailbreak tweak which allows and calls you back to your dearly i-browser Google chrome by giving you the solution. With the aid of ChromeURL now you can tap, hold and select multiple TLD’s including .net, .edu, .org, .us and .com etc. and make your browsing way handier than ever. Not even only handier but if you are already sick of Google Chrome’s new keyboard layout it also provides you with the same classic layout of keyboard as you previously had in your local Apple’s Safari. This is what we can call as a classic touch in easier way without any load of extra options.

If you are going to install Google chrome, do not forget to add the cool jam pack add-ons like Chromizer and ChromeURL to enjoy it in its full form.

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One Response to Add Features to Chrome for iPhone / iPad

  1. Clapper says:

    Nice tweak but what about the spacebar when doing a google search from chromes unibar?


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