Alleged Photos of iPhone 5 released [Images]

We have already posted many rumors and leaked images of the next-gen iPhone, however, earlier today, the good folks at iPhone repairing company iLab, have got their hands on other leaked images of different parts. They have put together all those leaked images and tried to create the next-gen iPhone. The rumors about iPhone is not a new thing, they were started back in February when iMore posted the about the smaller dock connector in the next-gen iPhone.

After iMore, 9to5Mac posted the leaked images of the front and back panels of iPhone. Than in another report, it was shown that next-gen iPhone will have 1GB Ram, NFC and 4G LTE technology. If we talk about the physical appearance of the next-gen iPhone which is clearly shown in the images posted by the Japanese blog, iLab.

The next-gen iPhone will have a relocated front camera, slightly larger screen, thin body due to in-Cell technology, relocated headphone jack, Smaller dock connector and double toned back.

Apple has started the production of the iPhone 5 and most probably, it will be released in this fall along with iPad mini, completely new iPod Touch and iOS6. Will you buy an iPhone like this?

(via iLab)

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2 Responses to Alleged Photos of iPhone 5 released [Images]

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  2. Gwolf2u says:
    I will probably but only as soon as a jailbreak is ready

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