Apple iPhone 4S Is No More The Best Selling Smartphone

Apple is certainly dominating some of the most lucrative technology markets around the world. The iPad is a phenomenal tablet and is yet to see a competitor that can steal some of its market share. Apple revolutionized the smartphone industry when they released original iPhone back in 2007. The iPhone 4S, which was announced and released last year, was the best selling smartphone until now when it has been dethroned by its arch rival: Samsung Galaxy S 3.

The iPhone 4S retained its title as the best selling smartphone ever since it was launched back in October 2011. Earlier this year Samsung released their new smartphone, the Galaxy S 3. This particular Android powered smartphone has done so well in the market that it is now being sold much faster than Apple’s beloved iPhone 4S. Despite the fact that Samsung lost a big case against Apple in US court, consumer interest in Samsung’s flagship Android smartphone has yet to dwindle.

Apple is expected to release a new iPhone later this month, possibly announcing it on September 12. While we can not be certain about the date until official invites from Apple are received, there exists a possibility that the only reason why Galaxy S 3 outsold iPhone 4S in the month of October is because prospective iPhone buyers are well aware by now that a new iPhone is coming out in the very near future.

The next generation iPhone is likely to take back this title after being released. From what we gather, rumor has it that the next generation iPhone will be thinner than its previous models, while touting a larger 4 inch display. Finer details regarding specifications and features will be released at the official next generation iPhone release event.

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