Add Incredible HD Detail To iPad Icons With Ayecon [Video]

Ayecon, as one might guess from the name, is a Winterboard theme with a focus on your App icons. Ayecon pimps out your homescreen by providing you with high resolution icons that really pop out, especially on the latest iPad with that gorgeous retina display. Ayecon also enhances the textures to give a really refined and a beautiful look to the entire screen realstate of your iPad.


Now, some of you might already be familiar with Ayecon as the version for the iPhone and iPod touch has already been out for some time, which in fact has been a big hit with the users, so previous users would know just what to expect on their iPads from Ayecon.

Running Ayecon on previous models of the iPad won’t really work, as having a retina display is almost a pre-requisite. So users owning the last generation of iPads are probably out of luck. However users who have the latest iPads on their hands can try this gorgeous theme out.

Ayecon takes care of all the stock app icons and it’s safe to say that the results are really astonishing. The detail it gives to the textures is simply amazing, and really takes full advantage of the crisp high resolution retina display. It almost makes you feel like you can actually feel the textures when you touch them.

Ayecon covers your notifications area, your wallpaper and your backgrounds coupled with a few other features as well. It also covers for the icons of commonly used apps, both from the Appstore and the Cydiastore, and support for new apps is added regularly as well.

You can buy Ayecon from the BigBoss repository on Cydia for a one-time cost of $2.99, and if you are a previous owner of Ayecon for iPhone, you can download it at a reduced rate of $1.99. But as far as the quality of the theme is concerned, it’s well worth the price, so do give it a shot and let us know in the comments below.

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