Unlocked iPhone 5 Availability and Prices

As we posted earlier that Apple will start Pre – orders of most amazing iPhone, iPhone 5 tomorrow. Well, prices of the on-contract iPhone 5 will be same as that of the iPhone 4S. But if you are among those customers who don’t want to buy a new contract or already bound in a previous contract, you can follow the alternative route for iPhone 5. Yes, this is called factory unlocked iPhone 5. You can also buy an unlocked iPhone 5 from Apple Store for a full price which will support all networks around the globe.

The availability of the iPhone 5 depends upon your Geographical location. Suppose, if you are not in US, UK or in Europe, you will not be able to purchase iPhone from 14th September. Until now, Apple has released the iPhone 5 only in some countries but Apple promised to release the device in many other countries soon.

However, if you are a resident of US, you can purchase SIM-free, fully unlocked iPhone 5, 16GB for $649 only. If you want more storage please add $100 for 32GB [$749] and $200 for 64 GB iPhone 5 which will be [$849]. You can Pre – order for iPhone 5 from 14th September while Apple will start Shipping from 21st October.

We have a little disappointment for the Europe and UK residents, although you can Pre – order from 14th September but your iPhone 5 will arrive in October. As far as the price is concerned, Price of unlocked iPhone 5 for UK users will be £529 while Europe users will get iPhone 5 for €679. Will you buy an unlocked iPhone? Let us know in the comments section below.

Buy unlocked iPhone 5 from Apple

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21 Responses to Unlocked iPhone 5 Availability and Prices

  1. adrian says:
    where to buy iphone 5 unlocked in usa?
    in new york for example?
    will they have them on 24 sept in apple store ?
  2. Emre says:
    Please someone can answer Adrian!!!!!!
  3. joachim says:
    yoy will be able to buy the ipone factory unlocked in the store atleast we will in norway.
  4. Sharmota says:
    Factory unlocked Iphone 5 in the store 21-September 2012, Afghanistan.
  5. Tomer says:
    Hello everyone,

    Can someone send me a link to buy an unlocked iPhone 5 at apple.com?
    I cant find it.


  6. tomer says:

    can someone send me a link to buy an unlocked iphone 5 at apple.com

    i only found the locked one.


    • Marc says:
      They don´t sell it unlocked in the US at the moment. Only with contract! So we have to wait for a while to get our hands on an unlocked one in the US!
  7. Legetronic says:
    You mean they will ship September 21 not October 21.
  8. Vernon says:
    Buy unlocked iPhone
  9. Jesus says:
    How long wi will have to wait to buy iphone 5, hours, days, weeks?
  10. Stevie says:
    I have spoke to Apple in the USA (I am from the UK) and they have NO details of when you will be able to buy a factory unlocked iPhone 5 from Apple. This is where it starts to get a bit confusing, on 21st Septemebr you can buy a non contract iphone 5 from Apple in the US and use a “pay as you go” sim card in it but only with AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. As for the UK you can buy a totally unlocked iPhone 5 on 21st Septemebr at any Apple store from 8am onwards (well while stocks last).
    Hope that helps some of you a little.
  11. Joe says:
    When can I buy an unlocked iPhone 5 ?

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