Where to buy Cheap iPhone 5

Have you Pre-ordered your iPhone 5 yet? We have just seen that the pre – orders for the first slots is finished and if you will pre – order your iPhone now, you will not be able to receive the iPhone until next two weeks. What to do now? We have found an even better option for you. Walmart is offering a small discount on your iPhone 5. This will be probably the cheapest iPhone 5 for now. But Walmart is not taking the Pre-orders for now; the pre-orders will be started from 8:00 AM. The following will be the discounted prices of the iPhone 5.

  • iPhone 5 16GB
    Official Price: $199 Walmart Price: $190
  • iPhone 4S
    Official Price: $99 Walmart Price: $99
  • iPhone 4 Price:
    Official Price: Free Walmart: $1

Yes, Walmart is charging extra $1 for iPhone 4. According to the previous scenario, iPhone 5 will be shipped from 21st September. But you can Pre-order one from this morning.  One more thing, this is the price for On-Contract devices, for an unlocked iPhone please have a look at this post.

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  1. Faisal Ilyas Akazai says:
    iPhone 5 is announced on September 12, 2012. And release date set on September 21, 2012. Where to buy iPhone 5 online for cheapest price?

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