Three Easiest Methods to Quit Multiple Apps at Once on iPhone and iPad

Are you tired of pressing the delete button on your iPhone while quitting the multiple apps? Do you want an easy and alternative method to do this task with a single click? We have complied three easiest methods to quit multiple applications. The first two methods are for those iDevices which are Jailbroken and the last trick works perfectly on un-Jailbroken iDevices.

  • Using KillBackground:

This is so far the easiest and absolutely free method to close multiple applications on iPhone. Simple Open Cydia and search for “Kill Background”. After installing this tweak, double press the home button and you will see all the opened applications. Tap and hold and icon to enter into a jiggle, a cross button with skull will be shown in the bottom left corner. You can tap on that button to close all applications. The best thing about this tweak is that, you will have different options for this tweak. You can kill different apps, filter apps and even change the position of the button.

  • WeeKillBackground Pro:

The second best suitable option is to use WeeKillBackground Pro which is a widget for the Notification Center; you can kill all the background applications right from the notification center. Moreover, you can adjust the size of the widget from the settings, however, you will also find tons of different options and just Kill Background, and you will find an option to filter different apps. All in all, you can download this tweak for $0.99 only.

  • Killing Multiple apps with Multitouch:

This is suitable for all those iDevices which are not Jailbroken, simply double press the “Home Button” and put your iDevice into jiggle mode, now simultaneously use four fingers to close multiple apps.

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