Control Home Appliances and Lights From iPhone using Elphi [Video]

iPhone 4S was released back in October with amazing personal assistant, so called Siri. It not only revolutionized the tech industry but also helped many developers to control their mac, Curtains, Windows and fire using Siri. Such idea was revealed via the kickstarter project to raise the money for the mass production of Elphi, the amazing product.

Elphi is a device which will digitalize your home appliances, it is actually a plug which you will plug in to AC Power and using the application on your iPhone, you can control all the electronic appliances. This is really amazing because by using such a small plug you can control all the appliances right from your iPhone. The software used for this device is extremely awesome and user friendly.

How this device will work? Connect your Elphi with AC Plug and launch the software on your iPhone. Now, enter the network details and password for your Elphi, done. Using the Elphi, you can set timers and can even make the home appliances ready for you so that you can use them at the time of your need.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are interested in such kind of project, you will need to make a pledge of $69 or more. And you will get your Elphi later this year when it will be available for release.

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3 Responses to Control Home Appliances and Lights From iPhone using Elphi [Video]

  1. esteban says:
    so i need to buy a crap load to hook up my hole house?
  2. Sergey says:
    It has potential, but you have to connect the thingy to your wifi and buying a crap load of it will kill your internet connection just to access your house from another device

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