Dashboard X 2.0 – Amazing Widget System for iPhone and iPad [Video]

One of the main features of Android OS, which is not present in iOS, is the Widgets. Widgets make it very easy to control the settings from Homescreen. You can read tweets, directly reply to your text messages and with a single you can switch ON/Off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Orientation and many other similar toggles. Dashboard X 2.0 is a simple yet amazing tweak which allows you to add simple widgets on your iPad’s Homescreen. However, this tweak lacks some basic features and you can only add limited number of widgets on your Homescreen.

Dashboard X 2.0 has some amazing features which were not present in the earlier version, according to the developer, this is not a simple updated version however, and the developer has re-written the whole code for Dashboard X 2.0. Dashboard X 2.0 has completely new background, you can add different widgets but the background is completely changed as compared to the Dashboard X.

Among the prominent features of Dashboard X 2.0 are the resize able widgets and amazing animations which make this app really amazing and cool. However, these are most prominent features of Dashboard X 2.0

  • Dropped the alert for deleting widgets.
  • Pop over for adding a new widget on the iPad.
  • Resizing widgets (two finger pinch).
  • New animations for adding a new widget on iPhone.
  • ‘Suck’ animation when removing widgets.
  • In ‘Add New Widget’ dialog widgets no longer have “_” in their names.
  • Compatibility with no dots tweak.
  • Option to ‘replace background’ — replaces widgets’ backgrounds with a nicer ones.
  • When in wiggle mode and moving widgets, a tap and hold is required before actually moving the widget, like with normal app icons.
  • Different positions for different orientations on the iPad (on home screen).
  • Dashboard screen supports all (landscape right, left and portrait upside down) orientations.

You can view the video embedded below. However, sadly this tweak is not available in Cydia Store yet but soon it will available in Cydia Store for $1.99 only. And the good news is that the previous users of Dashboard X 2.0 will be able to get this application for absolutely nothing.

What do you think about this tweak? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Via: IDB]

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  1. Josh says:

    I think it’s amazing

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