Decrease the Size of Notification banners using DietBulletin

Notification Center was one of the biggest features introduced in iOS 5, this new notifications are just like a charm and gives your iPhone and iPad a very sleek look. However, size of the notification bar may be annoying for some persons. Are you one of them? Do you want to decrease the size of the Notifications?

Thanks to a famous Cydia developer, Ryan Petrich who has released a simple yet amazing tweak, ”DietBulletin” to decrease the size of your notification banners making more room on your iPhone’s Home screen. In short, it will make notifications more appealing and handy. However, the idea behind this tweak isn’t new and it works very similar to the smallbanners, a Cydia tweak used to decrease the length of notification banners.

After installing this tweak, no new icons will be added however you will have an option for this tweak in the settings. You can simply select that which apps should use the smaller notifications. Suppose that if you want to have the bigger original notifications for mail app, you can disable this tweak for this application similarly, if you want to have smaller banners, you can enable this tweak for certain apps in the settings.

With this simple feature, you can grab this little tweak for absolutely free from Cydia’s BigBoss repo and don’t forget to share your thoughts about this tweak.

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