How to Delete all Photos from iPhone at Once

A major of part of the memory of iPhone one owns is reserved for the photos and although this doesn’t count in the app storage usage list, it still is part of the available storage. This very fact bounds you and you can’t simply delete the images, all at once. However, alternatives to this do exist and our today’s guide will help you in achieving this very specific task of ‘mass-deletion’.

You may connect your iPhone to either your PC or to MAC; the whole procedure to be followed, has been separately mentioned in detail below:

Delete Photos using Mac:

While you are connected to Mac, just don’t worry about the version as your guarantee that it will work in all the versions of Mac OS X. So, jump over to the procedure below:

  • After having connected your iPhone to your PC via USB data cable, Launch ‘Image Capture’ from the Applications => Folder.
  • Press the keyboard key combination ‘Command + A’ to select all the pictures and then press the delete button to delete all the selected photos.
  • You’ll be asked for a confirmation, select the one that leads you to the deletion of the selected content.

The most irritating part may be the time taken for this whole procedure to occur and the more the data, the longer it will take to delete it. You may be amazed to know that even after so many updates, there is no faster way of deleting pictures from an iOS device; also you can’t cancel or interrupt the process of deletion, once started.

Delete All Photos from iPhone Using Windows PC

Same as it was in case of Mac, it works with all the versions of Windows too. Here is how you do it in windows:

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer via USB data cable, as you did before.
  • In ‘My Computer’, “Apple iPhone” will be displayed as a connected storage device. Click it to open the storage.
  • Search for a sub folder named “DCIM” in the “Internal Storage” folder open it. This subfolder contains all the photo and videos stored in your iPhone.
  • Select all, and simply delete.

You won’t have to wait much as Windowsremoves pictures, much faster than Mac does. So, it won’t be long before all the pictures, that you wanted to delete for so long, will be gone in a flash.

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