How to Disable Notifications on Mountain Lion

Not everyone likes the ‘Notification Center’ which is a new addition to the Mountain Lion OS X, though it is a good addition to make things easier. Some people don’t like this addition and for them, turning off the notification sounds simply is not that helpful. And if you are one of the types who are allergic to Notifications, then you’d never ever want the menu bar icon to be there at a corner of your screen. This guide will show you how to disable the Notification center and remove the menu bar icon. The procedure works in OS X Mountain Lion.

You can disable notifications for only one day, if you scroll up in Notification Center, you can click this option to disable the feature for the remainder of the day. But if you wanna disable it forever you can follow the blow steps.

disable notification on Mountain lion

How to Disable notifications on Mountain Lion:

  1. Press the keyboard combination ‘Command + Shift + G’ from the OS X Finder, and enter the following path: System/Library/CoreServices/
  2. Search for “Notification” and rename it to “Notification”. You’ll be prompted to authenticate the change, do it.
  3. Go to Applications and then open Utilities, and search for the terminal there. Type the following command in it and quit the terminal:
    killall NotificationCenter
  4. Congratulations! Your menu bar icon is no longer visible and you won’t receive any alerts, moreover, no notifications will be posted then onwards.

How to Re-Enable Notifications on Mountain Lion:

If, at some point, you feel a need to restore these changes and get the Notification Center back, it is just a piece of cake. You just need to repeat the aforementioned procedure in reverse.

  • Go and access the “Notification” at the same path as before i.e.  /System/Library/CoreServices/, and rename it to “Notification” again.
  • Launch the service once again by double-clicking “Notification Center” and you’ll get the icon back.
  • Everything will get back to normal and your Notifications will start working as they were meant to and you’ll also get back the menu icon.
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One Response to How to Disable Notifications on Mountain Lion

  1. Keagan says:
    Hey this worked great, but I want to get it back and followed your instructions, but when I do a shut down and boot back up, I have to re-load Notification Center every time. Why is that?

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