Download Absinthe 2.0 Untethered 5.1.1 Jailbreak

Download Absinthe 2.0 Untethered 5.1.1 Jailbreak

Download Absinthe 2.0 untethered jailbreak on iOS 5.1.1 for Windows / Mac is now finally here. As most of you know that Absinthe 2.0 jailbreak will support all iOS devices except Apple TV 3.

Download Absinthe 2.0 Untethered 5.1.1 Jailbreak

Absinthe 5.1.1 Untethered jailbreak will support below devices:

  • iPhone 3Gs
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4 CDMA
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad 1
  • iPad 2 Wifi
  • iPad 2 GSM
  • iPad 2 CDMA
  • iPad 2 Wifi, R2
  • iPad 3 Wifi
  • iPad 3 Global
  • iPad 3 CDMA
  • iPod 3G
  • iPod 4G
  • AppleTV 2

Absinthe 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak has a user-friendly interface. When using Absinthe to jailbreak your iDevice you won’t need to put your iDevice in DFU mode. It will take 5 minutes to jailbreak your iDevice using Absinth 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak

Download Absinthe 2.0.4 Untethered 5.1.1 Jailbreak [Direct Links] :

  • Download Absinthe 2.0.4 for Windows
  • Download Absinthe 2.0.4 for Mac (if you have Mountain Lion OS, you have to follow this tutorial to see how to run Absinthe on Mountain Lion OS)
  • Download Absinthe 2.0.4 for Linux

Step by step guides showing you how to use Absinthe 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak:

  • iPhone usersClick Here for full step by step guide
  • iPad usersClick Here for full step by step guide
  • iPod touch users Click Here for full step by step guide


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  1. wubeier says:

    I want to download this Absinthe.

  2. pradeep says:

    i cant wait more…please realese now…..

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  4. BryanE says:

    I have iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1 not 5.1.1
    Will still be able to jailbreak?

  5. sun says:

    Absinthe 2.0 for Windows

  6. ????? says:

    We look forward to Jailbreak!!! Go go go)))

  7. DroYze says:

    Nice ! What Time ?

  8. Zohert says:

    When put the download link and thank you

  9. Adel says:

    Thank you , waiting for iphone 4 Untethered 5.1.1 Jailbreak

    Best Regards

  10. cjq says:

    thank you

  11. chen says:

    please tell us hong long will you release the jb tools???
    please do not disappoint us

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  13. dalvagao says:

    I can’t wait more.Absinthe 2.0 for Windows

  14. ys says:

    I`m use iphone4 .. what time realese??

  15. wendycq says:

    think you!

  16. lnaaron says:

    i cant wait more…please realese now…..

  17. fayeshadow says:

    up up up please release asap..

  18. beau says:

    yap!Really good NEWS!!I can’t wait more…

  19. heaveniphone says:

    Good jod

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  21. Jam says:

    i’m waiting for so long time.thanks for your hard working!

  22. ion says:

    thank u very very much!!!

  23. zxw says:

    Hard, hope to release it. Did China henan

  24. Dev says:

    Can’t wait !! Must be soo soon :(

  25. Michael says:

    let’s waiting…..

  26. layth says:

    thanks a lot i Waite

  27. Ricardo says:

    I’m waiting for

  28. abbet says:

    realese now…please…..

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    good !! ?????????????

  30. Ricardo says:

    God bless you!

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  34. jack says:

    how shit you are, play people for fun?

  35. zhanjianzhong says:

    I can’t wait!!!!What time??

  36. Chair de Lune says:

    Thank all !
    We are waiting for a long time!

  37. LENS____ says:

    Thanks you for all work

  38. Lee says:

    Please release as soon as possible, thanks my friends.

  39. bibby_514 says:

    Absinthe 2.0 for mac

  40. QQ236008774 says:

    brother!! Get up !! Release tools..

  41. Joooke says:

    We want jailbreak now plz

  42. iPad 3 says:

    We can’t wait !!!
    We want JB NOW PLEASE

  43. Gulludada says:

    already downloaded

  44. bona3rd says:

    excited! pod2g, youre the best!

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    “soon”,what time ?

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  48. Sul79 says:

    The suspense is killing me.

  49. clqs says:

    ?? ???

  50. jun says:

    The long-awaited jailbreak We do not know about its release schedule in the official word soon abounded when soon (day – week – month – or more than that

  51. Logic says:

    Good work, man! Can’t wait.

  52. shadow walker says:

    Hi bro, we just can’t wait, there are 300,000,000 more or less people out there, come on, upload it ASAP. thanx

  53. cx says:

    wo deng dao hua dou xie le.

  54. Tiago Cunha says:

    come on ….!!! bring it available to download….. :(

  55. kuang898 says:

    Nice ! What Time ?

  56. hank says:

    for windows that’s nice~

  57. hank says:

    for windows that’s nice!

  58. says:

    stil on iOS 4.1, been waiting for this to update.

  59. afi says:

    whta the hell i m waiting from since many days

    when the fuck u r releasing u motherfucker

    • 8964 says:

      watch u mouth?u sob?u r not paying a cent to all their hardwork

    • JdcomJ says:

      Show these guys some respect you fool, these guys do the Jailbreaks in their spare time for us and don’t charge and your being abusive to them. What happens if YOUR DUMB comments make them stop doing iOS security hacking work!

  60. suolun says:


  61. peterwang says:

    another despaired day?

  62. drh says:

    Oh man, you will be my saving grace, I just acquired an ATV2 on iOS 4.2 which was perfectly jailbreakable and upgradeable to an untethered iOS but the morons at Seas0nPass haven’t put any warnings in their program dated May 2012 and it updated my ATV2 to iOS 5.1.1 Tethered!?!?!
    WTF is wrong with these people, I would have thought it’s common sense to only update a unit on an old iOS to the newest untethered version unless the user specifically overrides a setting!?!?!?

  63. Veistory says:

    F5! Broken!! %>_<%

  64. ???? says:

    I can’t for the jailbreak I need to jailbreak now

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    i cant wait more

  66. Erik says:

    Is this a very jailbreak?

  67. Brian Xiu says:

    Oh Come !! I Cant wait!!

  68. afi says:

    hey u bitches answer me LOL

  69. silveran gump says:

    I hope we can get it soon!

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    I can`t wait for it anytime!!! Quickly!!!

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    come ooooooooooooooooon :)

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    Please put it now i can’t wait

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  76. Aficionado says:

    I’ve been searching every news everyday expecting this….. More excited than ever this year.

  77. elliott says:

    what time ????I CANNOT WAIT IT ANYMORE~~~!!!

  78. IPADER says:

    PLS make me happy :P

    GOGO JB Community. Push it.

  79. Amy Eads says:

    Release it and you’ll be my hero and let’s face it – you’ve always wanted to be my hero.

  80. nich307 says:

    come on ….

  81. alfie says:

    as soon as possible

  82. Jung hun says:

    Coooooooooool!!!! PLZ realese today!!!!

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    please realese now?I cant wait more

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    what time release who know excatly ?

  85. china says:

    ——Chinese people

  86. MoHamm3D says:

    Hi, i need a clear answer, please

    i have a locked iphone 4s running 5.1.1
    stuck at the setup phase when we choose the language and stuff
    and needs a sim card in order to start spring board

    will i be able to start the springboard by jailbreaking it?
    not necessarily injecting a sim card and start making calls
    but just simply run it

    Thank you!

  87. rjeans19 says:

    cool .. thanks a lot guys …. i’ll wait for the release so excited
    (sorry for bad english)

  88. rjeans19 says:

    i’ll refresh this page.. from time to time.. i will not sleep so excited.. to jailbreak my ipad 2 and ipod touch 4g

  89. bill says:

    Absinthe 2.0 for Windows

  90. haoerloveyou says:

    Waiting is too long for us

  91. Brant says:

    When? I can download it?

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  93. linh says:

    What Time ? realese


  94. subsgoodassmack says:

    Dig it I’ve had the 4s on 5.1 now for over a month cannot wait thank you everybody

  95. Henry says:

    I’m in 5.1.1 to wait for you!GO GO GO~

  96. JerryBlaus says:

    Thank you very much of your effort! Even we just download and using it by unleash my iPhone to using the chinese input method!

    It is too worth to waiting for, we just paying patient and we get it with professional tools to unlock!

  97. hawlre says:

    i’m looking forward it !!

  98. Diego says:

    Plz go go fast i need so much hehehe , its a perfect software.

  99. Alex says:

    I can download a software for Mac?

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  101. Alex says:

    Absinthe 2.0 for Mac?

  102. Tony-lieu says:

    Does the soon mean soooooooooooooon? I can’t wait anymore.

  103. lTAO says:

    Really can not wait

  104. Herry says:

    its need to jailbreak my 4s and 3gs… release it as soon as possible…and provide cydia without error…

  105. release says:

    PLEASEEE! Release it! we’ve been waiting long enough!

  106. Andre says:

    geil jailbreak 5.1.1
    bitte Realeset jetzt ich will jetzt jailbreaken
    danke schon mal

  107. Jailbreak King says:

    waiting for you

  108. Srmada says:

    Please Please Dont Realese it
    Let PPl Suffer more Please

  109. iNomad says:

    how soon is soon?

  110. waleed says:


  111. nabor says:

    That’s a great news! CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE ;)

  112. Happy says:

    full of fake website if you guys not have any news stop this nonsence confusing peaple, bulshit

  113. john says:

    does anyone know if the jailbreak will work on 5.1? i rely on unlocking. and will the preservation of the baseband still be an option?

  114. hisham says:

    When down 5.1 Jelbrak

  115. Edu says:

    Hey people, we have to try to donate something. Absinthe is the result of many hours of hard work. Lets recognize their work with a little donation. It`s my humble opinion.

  116. iNdiAnS says:

    pod2g u r great ….. love from india ….. god bless u!! Request u sir plz release Absinthe 2.0 now for ur jailbreakers fans…

  117. Eric says:

    Thank you for your work~In China There are many users waiting?so?release soon?thank you????We love you

  118. rjeans19 says:

    please please please… so xcited to jailbreak my ipad 2 release it please

  119. zindienpirat says:

    Don’t release please, I would want JB my futur iPhone 5/iPad 4 !
    But good job guys, thanks for all!
    All those who demand the jailbreak, should thank the hackers by sending them a donation of at least $ 1

  120. john says:

    does anyone know if the jailbreak will work on 5.1? i rely on unlocking.

  121. Shadow says:

    I have iPad 2(wifi+3G) with iOS 5.1.1
    Will still be able to jailbreak?

  122. Mathews says:

    5.1.1 jailbreak ! I can’t wait any more. Thanks everyone dovoted their time in the Absinthe 2.0. Thanks Pod2g

  123. Jhono says:

    How about hacktivate with absinthe ??

  124. Randall says:

    pod2g, thank you for all you have done for the JB community. We are one!

  125. mrs,D says:

    When released?
    On the 25th?
    Who told me?

  126. hikari says:

    My iphone4s is lock.I have to jalbreak ios 5.0.1.
    Will still be able to jailbreak ios 5.1.1?

  127. jjq919 says:

    Absinthe 2.0 for Windows iphone4s ipad2 ios5.1.1

  128. dingwenyu says:

    I want to download this Absinthe.

  129. DroYze says:

    it was not for the 22 th ?

  130. hypert0nc says:

    Please release soon, I’m out of patience

  131. kk says:

    Where is the Handsome guys come from? ???????

  132. Jorge says:

    I’m Waitinggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    Great SW!

  133. Demir says:

    When I bought my iPhone 4s it was with iOS 5.1 out of the box,and then I updated it to iOS 5.1.1 via OTA not via iTunes (settings->general->software update). And it updated it without any problem..
    My question is,is it still jailbreak-able?
    P.S iPhone is sim-free,unlocked etc.
    Thanks to anyone who answers.

  134. zhang says:


  135. Lee says:

    Hi, Guy, the JB tool will be released on 25th May, is it right?

    Please dont break ur words. U know there are tooo much person

    support u also.

  136. mello says:

    So if I’m right you don’t have to touch any button on your iDevice?! That would be great because of my broken home button on my iPod Touch. THANK YOU GUYS you’re so great.
    Who knows when and at what time the release would be?
    And the first released Windows version, is that CLI or just simply jailbreaking without crazy cmd things?

  137. guy says:

    if i will upgarde my iphone 4s from 5.0.1 to 5.1.1 what will the baseband will be?…

  138. i want download it nothin link

  139. aeqwe says:

    How to download it???????

  140. chaosreaper95 says:

    when is the official release date i dont think any of us can wait much longer

  141. suengha says:

    JB will be leleased on friday??
    I look forward to….. so…

  142. kanga0007 says:

    Will it work with base band 2.0.12 on ios 5.1.1?

  143. sz350 says:


  144. pingsen says:

    fuck ?Escape to fees the cydia fees and charges interest is so important to you?

  145. chauway says:

    I have IPAD2 IOS5.1
    I want to download this Absinthe.

  146. LiuHe says:

    When to release a tool

    When I was going to be crazy???

  147. YING says:


  148. lsid says:

    hen I bought my iPhone 4s it was with iOS 5.1 out of the box,and then I updated it to iOS 5.1.1 via OTA not via iTunes (settings->general->software update). And it updated it without any problem..
    My question is,is it still jailbreak-able?
    P.S iPhone is sim-free,u

  149. Rock says:

    I was being in hold status before, I will try it now.

  150. Rock says:

    why not see

  151. coolkidd says:


  152. assssss says:


  153. Rock says:

    can’t find the linkage

  154. jacob says:

    thank you

  155. ???? says:

    what time???

  156. kevin marquez says:

    How the hell do i use that.

  157. xknight says:

    how i can download?

  158. bug_king says:

    Wait…iPhone4 iPhone4s iPod4 iPad2(wifi)

  159. NND says:


  160. Lee says:

    Thaanks for everything,brother

  161. Steve says:

    Can we get the JB for ios5.1.1 in end of this week?

  162. huangsuifu says:

    iphone4S iponhe4

  163. Tony says:

    Thanks for great work, looking forward to jailbreak.

  164. chinese says:

    when does it release? tell me the truth?thank you. I’m from china.One guy.

  165. andy.cao says:

    why didn’t you let it out?

  166. Gulludada says:

    yes 25th of May ???? will be release

  167. hu jia says:

    When will you release the software? i bought the 5.1 iphone4s 3 Months already.Please release soon.

  168. ShengKai says:

    Thanks a lot for the great works!

  169. eastroc says:

    thank you

  170. china_yi says:

    come on…

  171. denny says:

    awaiting,…. iphone4 5.1.1 ready ….

  172. anon says:

    There seems to be a lot of ungrateful douchebags on here demanding that this is released. I’d just like to say to those people, STFU. If you can’t wait any longer, why don’t you go and figure out how to jailbreak it yourself? You can’t? Then STFU, wait patiently and be damn grateful that these guys put their time and effort in to this and allow you to reap the benefits FOR FREE. I bet none of you have actually donated anything to the cause have you? Some people really do want the moon on a stick.

    And to all the people begging (‘please please please relase, I need, I need’), have a little dignity. What’s wrong with you? You’re begging for an IOS jailbreak, not clean water or food for a starving nation. Get a little perspective.

  173. Maykel says:


  174. Chinese says:

    I come from China, I represent the Chinese1300000000people say to you:” excited! Pod2g, youre the best!”

  175. rick says:

    come on!

  176. douglas says:

    you are a good guy!pod2g~~~thanks for you and your team’s hard working ^_^

  177. China says:


  178. Duke says:

    I am from China.Please release it.3Q

  179. joe says:

    oooh, i cant wait, please release now…..

  180. luckywei says:

    good ????

  181. Cat says:


  182. szpyr says:

    When I bought my iPhone 4s it was with iOS 5.1 out of the box,and then I updated it to iOS 5.1.1 via OTA not via iTunes (settings->general->software update). And it updated it without any problem..
    My question is,is it still jailbreak-able?
    P.S iPhone is sim-free,unlocked etc.
    Thanks to anyone who answers.

  183. yolin says:

    i love you ! thanks!

  184. ?? says:

    wait for

  185. younghua says:

    Why can’t download? why why

  186. james tang says:

    We look forward to Jailbreak!!! Go go go)))

  187. fs2009 says:

    where to down

  188. ???????cao ni ma bi

  189. hezhilei (china) says:


  190. Pandoracharms says:

    release soon,every day to see a one time

  191. 1042612841 says:

    Thank you!!!!

  192. ? says:


  193. [email protected] says:

    Could’t wait any more!!Nice job @pod2g!

  194. JucyferX says:

    Pod2g we love you!Thank you for working so much for JBs !!!Pls release it as soon as possible~!

  195. Johnny says:

    I, hereby, thanks for your great work on this. We’ve been looking forward for a long time.

  196. vsharp says:

    Thanks! Waiting…………..

  197. shufang81 says:


  198. airjordan says:

    thank u for everything u do

  199. min5 says:

    give me the DL link~ plz

  200. xuejunzhang says:

    I want to get it now

  201. tommy says:

    Absinthe 2.0 for Windows iphone4s ipad2 ios5.1.1

  202. xuejunzhang says:

    I have iPhone 4 with iOS 5.0.1 not 5.1.1

  203. subbowad says:


  204. phermenj says:

    yes 2013 only
    have a good day

  205. Liquid says:

    Is that work for 5.1 ?

  206. peng says:


  207. xuliang says:

    Are you sure??25th???

  208. Snail says:

    What time?????

  209. lovely says:

    It’s very nice!

  210. Vegeta says:

    I can not account how many times I refresh this page everyday.

  211. LiangTan says:

    I’m really looking forward to.

  212. Erick says:

    It’s 25, but there’s nothing.. huuh..

  213. pedro says:

    excelent. i waiting for you.

  214. huidikeke says:


  215. youngjune says:

    for windows that’s nice!

  216. javid says:

    cao ni ma de ganjin de

  217. Cayle says:

    Thanks too !!Pod2g and his band of merry men!
    You guys are the best and thank you for the jailbreak
    It keeps iOS. Fun and educational

  218. zhuoqizhuoh says:

    Thank you hurriedly escape it

  219. ??? says:

    ??iphone???????????4?4S ???

  220. Antrax24 says:

    Andamos al 100 for the jailbreak release tomorrow :D
    CDS Chapo Guzman Y El M Grande

  221. Minus says:

    Thx a lot to all the people involved in doing the hours to provide this coming and past jailbreaks… You are superstars!!! Cant wait!!!

  222. Love JB says:

    JB will be released on May 25th
    Absinthe 2.0 untethered jailbreak session scheduled to start at 11:30 am CET.
    check your time zone

  223. ??? says:


  224. FICOFEDE says:


  225. Stulhersistem says:

    if all we have written here bring a donation to the friend we will be helping you deserve it. well I’m sure in future we will have the JB. :)

  226. cenjar says:

    I can’t wait anymore

  227. Klaus says:

    release it dick

  228. Wilsoon says:

    Good,I m waiting for you.

  229. sas7447 says:

    Few hours of life is beautiful……:)

  230. renxiaoyao393 says:

    I have already wait for Several weeks,I really cannt wait more

  231. “soon”,what time ?

  232. yangfan says:

    Thank you, the selfless dedication of the people.

  233. i Want Jailbreak says:

    Its friday now im really excited
    time 8;22 Philippines

  234. lhp says:

    we look

  235. jack says:

    will be release

  236. ALBERTO says:

    i cant wait more, my iphone4s is ios5.1, i am waiting for JB
    P.S:my iphone is locked by orange of Swiss y have one iphone4 locked by vodafon of spain. who can help mi libera.

  237. vitta says:

    Today,My God,it’s really?

  238. Snail says:

    Oh,my dear,come on

  239. Avenis says:

    today is friday 05/25/2012, 07:41AM, waiting for download

  240. Mr. Yang says:

    How can I download

  241. alex says:


  242. Eileen says:

    I wait for the jailbreak for long time ,Now I feel you cheat me and cheat all the people that waiting for the jailbreak for long time

  243. AAA says:

    I’m from china
    where is the absinthe 2.0?

  244. Korea LDW says:

    ??!! ? ??!! ????!!

  245. jun20999 says:

    I have iPhone 4S CDMA with iOS 5.1
    Will be able to jailbreak?

  246. fsdfsdfsd says:

    Your email address will not be published.

  247. sakuragg2011 says:


  248. svfai says:

    wait wait wait……….

  249. Yangting says:


  250. king says:

    how can download?

  251. wubeier says:

    how soon is soon?

  252. Tina Tran says:

    Does it work with iPhone 4S 5.1??? Or I have to update my phone to 5.1.1 then JB?

  253. YG.FOX says:



  254. jack says:

    realese now…..

  255. JOE says:

    just be quick…

  256. li says:

    good news??

  257. shen says:

    thanks a lots.
    will you show us how to use.

  258. kiss says:

    china iphone4 U R great!

  259. 0r@gqqwe says:

    i cant wait more.realese now please! i want to download it is.

  260. dark says:

    we look forward to jailbreak!

  261. ??? says:


  262. willie says:

    I’m waiting

  263. wigman says:

    good job!thk u very much!

  264. blackIP says:

    May 25 is today? where the link for download

  265. wigman says:

    Good job!
    THK U very much!

  266. su says:

    i have a ipad2 with iOS 5.1, should i update to 5.1.1 to get jailbreak?
    or there is a 5.1 jailbreak?

  267. denien says:

    What a great job !!!

  268. john says:

    a few hours>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  269. Ri says:

    Sha shihou fabu a ? Qiu xiaoxi zhenshixing

  270. xiaxin says:


  271. hhd992002 says:

    I can’t download it ,Why?Who can tell me,(I’m from China)Thanks very much!

  272. josk says:

    why.????? no25th ????

  273. Jason says:

    Holly… cant wait more….

  274. SAJIA says:

    Oh~ Coming soon excited???

  275. QQY says:

    Well done!

  276. Anthony says:

    So its cool if I upgrade my iphone 4 to iOS 5.1.1? This will work?

  277. xing says:

    I want to ask next my is the 3GS version of a lock 6.15baseband upgrade prison break?

  278. jackjohntang says:

    When can be downloaded

  279. shangkun says:

    Sounds good!
    I’m from P.R.China~!

    • shangkun says:

      BTW, it’s 13:09 May 25th now, Beijing time~

      I’m waiting for downloading, hahahahahahaha~

      Oh, maybe 4 or 5 hours more?

  280. Brandon Rea says:

    Comes out Friday, May 25 7:30 AM (Chicago time)

  281. Fab says:

    thx for the very good work guys ! you rock !!
    et vive la France ;)

  282. haiyun says:


  283. alien says:

    finally after so long. i will update to 5.1.1 before it is out. and i have a question. can the phone be switch off as i heard some jb that is done on the phone cant be switch off.?
    pls let me know.


  284. Jim says:

    I am waiting

  285. kazxt says:

    come on!!!!

  286. yaron says:

    thx all ??

  287. says:

    there are 6 hours

  288. asdfw says:


  289. baisewuyu says:


  290. cdup2you says:

    win 7 for nice jailbreak gogo

  291. winfeng says:

    think you very much!This is a exciting waiting for moment

  292. H0rn says:

    25th and still not out…

  293. Normel says:

    Can’t wait for tonight’s release…!!!

  294. Tuqiuhui says:

    Thank you very much! I’m from china! Think You! Pod2g!

  295. Jhamir01 says:

    What time will it be released?

  296. gaobo says:

    sa shi hou cai neng bai tuo itunes de xian zhi ne !!!!!

  297. Neotune says:

    Wait for your releasing.Many thanks!

  298. cuso4321 says:

    i can’t wait any more

  299. ?? says:


  300. maykel says:

    Today??? I think…no.

  301. Hassan says:


  302. IntSilence says:

    how do you guys kill time during waiting for the releasing of jailbreak? lol…

  303. Frederic Zhang in China says:

    I can’t wait… Come on…

    My new iPad need savior…

  304. Topsecu is a manufacturer of security guard tour can visit our website for more information.

  305. Reforn says:

    mark….and waiting

  306. Joe says:

    I cant wait any more ,release it now please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  307. 80memo says:

    already 25th,I can’t wait any more

  308. SylarND says:

    god~!can you tell me,what’s time i can download the Absinthe 2.0?

  309. rachel says:

    should i have to update to 5.1.1?

  310. Calvin Cai says:

    Great NEWS, can’t wait anymore!!!

  311. says:

    are we ther yet papa smurf :)

  312. Damian says:

    Its like waiting for Christmas all over again can’t wait

  313. CHY says:


  314. biboy says:

    gogogogogogog.. im waitng for this support 5.1.1

  315. ddardan says:

    hi here in Kosova is 2.2 mil people and 4 mil iphones whaiting for the JB please yust relise today many thanks….

  316. chi says:

    how long will we wait??

  317. Mohit says:

    What is difference b/w Absinthe 2.0 Untethered and previous Jailbreak that was there ?

  318. Chinese says:

    I am chinese!????????……???

  319. chris says:

    When will the Download be activated?`

    I can’t wait :-)

  320. SZHOLO says:

    You are the best and support you

  321. Har1nlen says:

    Thanks for pod2g. Thanks for Dream Team. We will always support you!

  322. Lee sang min says:

    I from korea
    Dokdo is Korean territory

    pod2g is god

  323. wang says:


  324. dodo says:

    I wanna download this JB tool.

  325. 7th Heaven says:

    Looking forward to this release. Ready to Jailbreak!

  326. Micgia says:

    will be release

  327. Mr D3 says:


  328. zio says:

    Will the server crash? Let’s see.

  329. ahmed says:

    I’m waiting impatiently .. Please do not be long that the more

  330. redxm says:


  331. Koske says:

    Ajmo ljudi vise izbacujte znate li gde je pola tri

  332. goksal says:

    can not pass time. I can not wait :))

  333. hgurkkdiwsxc says:

    Hard to wait!!! come on!!!

  334. Zjs says:

    good?so good?????thank you??
    I want to download this Absinthe.

  335. Zjs says:

    I want to download this Absinthe.

  336. John says:

    i’m waiting for this sofeware!

  337. vampy says:

    porfi plis poonerlo ya

  338. ERIC says:

    l can’t wait a moment!Would it be faster??

  339. hungchiang.lee says:

    wait another hour and it should be released

  340. Duongthanh85 says:

    Please release the windows version. IP4 with iOS 5.1 and using semi-tethered.
    Waiting this tool for windows.

    Thanks, don’t break my heart.

  341. panad0ll says:

    ibooks will work at this?(sorry for my poor english=) )

  342. Cimarron says:

    How many minutes will u release tool ???

    Thank so much !!!!!

  343. vison says:


  344. jack-zhao says:

    Who will go and get the pod2g watch a bit faster…… And half an hour!!!!!!

  345. ??? says:


  346. imaoge says:

    Thank you, pod2g.we love you, and support you always.

  347. Ace says:


  348. xu long says:


  349. BLUE BIAN says:


  350. ventura942 says:

    Thanks a lot.
    Awesome tool, works like a charm

  351. ma says:

    i can’t wait any more – -

  352. viswork says:


  353. asd says:

    If you cant activate your iphone with original SIM, how can I activate it without the SIM? absinthe doesnt work with it doesnt it?

  354. freshkete says:

    It has not worked with 5.1.1 on New iPad 3, I downloaded the application for OSX. It´s gaves me an error message.
    What can happen?

  355. asad says:


  356. alien says:

    I just attempted to jailbreak my iphone 4s. Everything was running fine and normal and all of a sudden I get an error in absinthe it says “looks like you attemped to apply this jailbreak and it failed. will try to fix it…
    recovery completed. if you want to? retry jailbreaking, unplug your device and plug it back it.”
    i plug it back in and it says the same thing over and over again.

    Why would this happen.. can anyone help?

  357. php says:

    iphone 4s yong le absithe jiu shi tuo le ku zi a ..shuang a …

  358. zhang says:

    ipad2,4 ????????????

  359. MicWilsonS says:

    It’ doesn’t support iPad2,4 (iPad 2 Wifi R2)

  360. oiahoon says:

    my ipad2 is not supported~~ TAT
    because it is ipad2,4 T.T

  361. Jay says:

    Auto Lock is broken after update

  362. youhuo says:

    recovery completed.if you want to retry jaibreakinq,unpluq your device and p

  363. Ryan says:

    - iPad2 WiFi R2 (new model)


  364. iNomad says:


  365. jay0060 says:

    Great!!Thank you!

  366. kristijan_02 says:

    Guys I have jailbraked iphone4S 5.01

    What I should do to have jailbraked 5.1.1 ?

  367. Peter Chu says:

    Very good

  368. lei.jia says:

    my iphone4s version is 9b179 are you sure?

  369. xianbing says:

    welcome to “”

  370. niklewu says:

    well,success,wonderful,thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  371. Houmam says:

    Thank u so much all for ur efforts!!

  372. Jeff says:

    I completed all the steps, but still can’t see Cydia? What shall I do now?

  373. cronus49 says:

    how about ipad 2,4(ipad2 wifi R2)? will it be supported? Thanks for your work,you’re great!

  374. Drew says:

    My iPod Touch 4G on 5.1.1 resprings and I must re-run redsn0w to fix it if my battery dies and I plug it in.. Can I run this jailbreak ontop of it successfully, hense fixing my respring loop?

  375. kaka says:

    thank you very much

  376. Xavi says:

    Perfect!!! Thankss!

  377. jerry lee965 says:

    It can not be opened
    It says that The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
    CS:128fIP:OP:63 20 4f 52 20 Choose ‘Close’ to terminate the application.

    This message apperas every time when i tries to open it can any one help

    Please tell me what to do.

  378. ! says:

    I have a thetered 5.1.1, do i have to install it all over again to jailbreak unttr? Thanks

  379. David says:

    it works very well

  380. Disa says:

    Hi, the readme file with the jailbreak says it’s not supporting AppleTV 2 is that right ? it says on this page that it supports apple TV 2 ??

  381. Victor says:

    when i was trying to jailbreak . an error occured , it says enable to connect to lockdownd . may i know why is it so ?

  382. frank says:

    hey y’all i’m having trouble jailbreaking my ipad 2 on 5.1.1. help please…

  383. !!! says:

    Why doesn`t it support ATV 2nd Gen?!?!?

  384. Davis says:

    nice, iphone 4 jailbreak done, thx?

  385. jack says:

    one of my iphone4s, error: could not connect to lockdownd
    how can i handle it?

  386. Gary says:

    thank you for much for the great job you have been done.

    you made our dream come true!

  387. Andy says:

    Who can tell me that why i can not dowmload it?

  388. RemyLaBoo says:

    Y in my zone place i can not download Jailbreak for Window !

  389. cklnk says:

    32nm ipad2,4 r2 no no no

  390. Ray says:

    At the last paragraph, you guys should check for spelling errors:) fix absinth to absinthe.

  391. Klux says:

    thanks?have a good luck

  392. martin says:

    hi thanks for the release. will this help me with my gps problem? i have 3gs with 6.15 gps problem. thanks

  393. NEMO says:

    it just went fine with my ipad 2 3G… thank you

  394. Leon.too says:

    All is WORKING!!!
    iPad 2 wifi + 3g

  395. BlackSIlence says:

    Works great on Iphone 3GS 5.1.1 (9B206)-Windows seven ultimate, just need +/- 5gb of Hard drive disc space.

  396. BlackSIlence says:

    Works great on Iphone 3GS 5.1.1 (9B206)-Windows seven ultimate, just need +/- 5gb of Hard drive disc space.

    *Edit* And turn off ur pass lock on the device.

  397. ?? says:

    ?????????????????????????????windows xp de ????????????QQ?

  398. OF says:

    don’t upgrade for 9B208.

  399. Mustafa Imirzalioglu says:

    Thanks Very Very Much To The Cronic Dev Team And ABSINTHE .. My iPod Touch 4G Succesfully Jailbroken Untethered !!!!

  400. dee says:

    Windows link is dead -.-

  401. nathan marron says:

    still cant find the url

  402. wchih says:

    Terrific! My iPhone4S has been jailbroken successfully. Thank the team for their great work.

  403. Vincent Li says:

    Ipad2/wifi(32nm) faild.Man,come on!!!

  404. david shi says:

    i want to download the software

  405. su says:

    ipad2,4 with 32nm cpu can’t jailbreak

  406. sml says:

    china iphone4 U R great

  407. Marcello says:

    so happy…working smooth…..

  408. oger says:

    iPad 2 Wifi, R2 help

  409. Matthew says:

    sorry……how about iPad 3,3….what time can be jailbreak ?

  410. MD says:


    Device: iPad 3 (new iPad), WiFi, 16GB

    Downloaded, tried to jailbreak – and got a message that the jailbreak failed because it could not get to the lock.
    Erased the data and settings, tried again – yet the app is saying that the device is already jailbroken.
    The Cydia icon is there – yet it cannot open.


  411. star says:

    Chinese people thank you, as ipad2.4 can escape once again thank the selfless dedication of the great God

  412. Ismail says:

    Dear All,
    I have been trying to jailbreak my iPad2 ios 5.1.1 since the morning and it is not working!! after downloading the software, installing the absinthe 2.0.4 for win, runing the softare, connecting the devise, starting the jailbreak process it is reaching almost 30% of the setup then it is giving me an error and stop working! please advise me what to do. thanks

  413. THIS SUCKS says:

    anyone know how to go back to 5.0.1!! have tried everything and cannot get it to work on my iphone 4 or my ipad!! THIS SUCKS!!!

  414. Bruce says:

    Not working

    Modem Firmware 2.0.12

    Verizon 5.1.1 9B206

    Diagnostics & Usage data lockdownd exc_bad_access

    error – 5

  415. ipadfunner says:

    help. need the jailbreak for ipad 2 ios 5.1 9b176 i cant jaibreak.


  416. Alex says:

    Seems to work fine on both my iphone 4S and ipad 2 – 64GB wifi/3G. on the iPhone I get app crashes sometimes, other than that. everything else seems to be ok..

    Big thank you for to Pod2G and the team for their hard work.

  417. lewilson says:


  418. ryan says:

    y when i want to install IAP cracker on my ipod touch and i havent downloaded or install anything yet it says misized

  419. Peter says:

    where is the absinthe 5.1.1???????

  420. Cobra says:

    Please help I can’t download any apps from cyndia. I don’t have the update but the original one

  421. wawan says:

    Device: iPhone 4S, 32GB

    Downloaded, tried to jailbreak – but not successful to jailbreak


  422. help please says:

    can anyone help?tried to download jb for itouch but cant figure it out?!?!?!please help???

  423. Jorge says:

    My iphone 4s with 5.1.1 (9B206) has modem firmware 2.0.12, can it be jailbreak with Absinthe?

  424. noah says:

    i jailbreak with absinthe 2.04 and after that when i want to delete something the iphone stock someone now the problem?its very important plz help!!!

  425. JB says:

    not working!! after downloading the software, installing the absinthe 2.0.4 for win, running the software, connecting the devise, starting the jailbreak process it is reaching almost 30% of the setup then it is giving me an error and stop working!

    Ipad 2 5.1.1


    • Kody says:

      That happened to me once.. I just had to restart the process a couple times and it worked about the third try. Maybe try a different port or possible different cord?

  426. Victoria says:

    Please help!!! I’ve been trying to download the absinthe jailbreak for windows but it wont download as a zip folder it just keeps showing up with a Micorsoft word icon. Right-clicking doesn’t even give me the option to unzip :( HELP!

    • Kody says:

      Do you have any .zip reading programs on your computer that have the ability to extract zip files such as winrar? If not, I would go download that program and redownload absinthe and see if that works

  427. Ayoona says:

    Any body can help me
    oi want to jailbreak my ipad
    but i don’t know how

  428. Cristian says:

    ami me quedaron unos archivos en blanco que ago?

  429. Saeedalamodi says:


  430. piggy wan says:

    thank you

  431. Michal says:

    will this work on the iphone 3G

  432. sofia says:

    this insn’t work on IOS 6, right?

  433. Bob says:

    They just created it but the software is not out yet for the ios 6

  434. John says:

    when is io6 jailbreak being released?? thanks

  435. zink says:

    i have iphone 4s which was on ios 5.0.1 jailbroken, i updated it to ios6 (my mistake) can i downgrade it to ios 5.x.x?

  436. iffi says:

    i want download absinthe ios 6

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