Instagram 3.0 is Available to Download with Major Updates

Instagram is the most popular photo sharing app available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices. It is a simply app that will quickly edit your pictures and add amazing effects and filters to those images with just a single click. The other simple yet amazing thing about this app is that you can simply share all of those edited images on different social Networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Flicker and Foursquare. Are you a hardcore instagramer, just like me? We have good news because Instagram has released 3.0 version for iOS and Android with many amazing features.

The very basic and prominent feature in Instagram is the Photo Map which will bring a totally new feature to Instagram. Now, how this feature works? After installing this updated version, visit your own profile on Instagram, here you will see Photo Map, which is actually the map of all of your images. You can tap on it to add different images, edit them and even to change the privacy of those images. However, you can also view other users’ Photo Map by going to their profile.

The other features include the completely redesigned profile and upload screen. Unlike previous version, you will have all of the sharing options right on the same screen. However, you will also see a redesigned profile screen which looks more comprehensive and appealing as compared to prior version. Infinite scrolling and “flag inappropriate comments” are other important features of Instagram 3.0. Using the first feature, you can scroll through unlimited photos without any problem and with the help of other feature, you can report about any comment which you find inappropriate.

The even best thing is that, Instagram is still absolutely free of cost; you can download it for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad [iTunes Link]. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this update in the comments section below.

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