Download any File on Google Chrome – iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad [Video]

Google Chrome needs no introduction, it is one of the most popular browser of all times and current market leader. With its amazing features it is available for different platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android OS. However, Google Chrome for iOS was released at Google I/O 2012 with many amazing features which were not present in the Native iOS browsers, Safari.

Ever Since Google chrome is released for iOS, developers from Cydia Store are creating many amazing tweaks and mods to get the lacking features in Google Chrome. One of the lacking features of the Google Chrome on iOS was the Download Manager. Thanks to the Skram, who has released Chrome Download Manager, an ultimate Download Manager for Chrome.

This tweak is much better as compared to the Chrome Download Enabler, an earlier version which was released to download files from Chrome.

Here’s what the developer posted about Chrome Download Manager:

Chrome Download Manager is a Chrome Browser tweak that gives you the ability to download Files to your device. Allowing you to open files in any Application on your device that supports it (iFile,Dropbox,GoDocs,etc..), theres endless possibilities. CDM 1.0 supports over 2 dozen file types: zip,rar,iso,dmg,ipsw,deb,torrent,mp3,pdf,jpg,avi,doc just to name a few, dozens more will be added very soon.

Chrome download Manager is the amazing tweaks with tons of extra ordinary features. It also has the notification center support. A pop up will be shown, when your download is finished. However, before you go to download this application from Cydia, it has many bugs as it is the earliest version of Chrome download Manager. But the developer has promised to fix these bugs in the near future.

With this amalgam of amazing features and bugs, Chrome Download Manager can be downloaded from the ModMyi repo in Cydia Store for an introductory price of $3. Don’t you think that this tweak is slightly over-priced? After using this tweak, don’t forget to share the thoughts in the comments section below.

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One Response to Download any File on Google Chrome – iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad [Video]

  1. Dhaval says:
    Without using it I can say it is over priced

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