The Most Expensive iPhone 5 Case which will cost $100,000

Do you love the new iPhone 5? Do you have your pockets full of bucks? Are you ready to spend money on insanely costly iPhone 5 Case? We are bringing the new jewel-encrusted iPhone 5 cover from the Natural Sapphire Company. This is probably one of the most costly iPhone 5 cases that we have ever seen. Read more after the jump.

expensive iphone 5 case

This case is made up of white gold, rubies and thousands of sapphires and just like your precious iPhone 5 case this looks totally amazing. But all you need to do is to spend $100,000 and this case will be yours. Yes, we have already said that this is most expensive case for iPhone 5.

iphone 5 case

Here’s what the company said about this case:

“For the distinguished purchaser and one who appreciates the truly finer things life, not to mention for the one who wishes to remain unique among the masses; our case for the iPhone 5 is exquisitely crafted of 18kt white gold and set with 2,830 natural blue Ceylon sapphires, totaling 169.8 carats. The Apple logo is set with 38 exceptionally colored natural rubies totaling 2.28 carats, and the Apple’s leaf is a single marquise cut natural green sapphire.”

expensive iphone 5 case

This insanely high price cost is just a start; the company has also said that they can customize the Apple case for you as you want with many other stones such as platinum and other jewels. According to the company, the iPhone 5 cases are manufactured in Untied States but the Gold and Rubies are mind in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Madagascar.

If you have sufficient money, will you buy this case?

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