Famous iOS hacker P0sixninja has Left the Chronic Dev Team

It is indeed very sad news that one of the main pillars of Chronic Dev team has left the team. Yeah, the P0sixninja has left the Chronic Dev team. Chronic Dev team is the main team of iOS hackers behind many famous Jailbreak Tools such as Absinthe Jailbreak Tool and Greenpoison. This team was created few years ago by the help of some famous hackers including P0sixninja.

The news of P0sixninja’s resign from Chronic Dev team came from his twitter account. However, we have not found any clear information behind this resign yet. But in a tweet he revealed that it is money matters, but the main reasons behind this resign are unclear.

Here’s what the famous hacker tweeted:

For all those who don’t know about P0sixninja, he has been a main pillar of Chronic Dev team from the very first day. He was one of the main persons behind the release of Greenpoison – a tool which was used to Jailbreak iOS devices on iOS 4.1 and Absinthe Jailbreak – the main tool to Jailbreak all iOS devices on iOS 5 and 5.1.1.

We can’t say anything about his future plans but we wish him a very good luck for the future. What do you want to say to P0sixninja?

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8 Responses to Famous iOS hacker P0sixninja has Left the Chronic Dev Team

  1. MacKholik says:
    i just want to say thanks !
  2. Moe Sam says:
    Thank u so much joshua…gd luck in ur future plans….we will be following u closely on twitter :)
  3. Hussain says:
    Thank you for everything, Josh. All the best.
  4. Dave says:
    I know I speak for everyone with a jailbroken iDevice when I say your hard work and brilliance has not only provided us with hundreds of hours of fun, but made owning an iDevice worthwhile.
    THANKS :-)
  5. Rick says:
    I’d like to let him know that I appreciate all the work that he has done for the jailbreak community and that I wish him the very best for his future.
  6. wendell says:
    obrigado por tudo cara amigo.te desejo muito sucesso !!!
  7. pikudo says:
    You’re one of the best wish you the best of the best in your future….BUENA SUERTE!!!!!!
  8. JollyRogr says:
    Well you will be missed you have a lot to the community and at times alot of people would rather put you guys down for taking do long for this or that and never took the time to appreciate the fact that you guys shared your knowledge with us all and many took it for granted I wish you the best in any direction your life takes you and from me personally yours as well as all the other leaders of our community is and always will be greatly appreciated,


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