How to Fix “iTunes Library File is Locked” Error

Sometimes problems are minor and we have easy-to-follow solutions in front of us but we are too puzzled, at times like these, to search for those solutions. One such error is the “iTunes Library File is Locked” error, which is extremely simple and has an easy-to-follow solution. For those who are not familiar with this error, it is an error that prevents you from playing songs on iTunes.

Here is your step-to-step guide on how to fix this error:

  1. If you have your iTunes open, then the first thing you should do is to close it. Make sure you quit your iTunes before proceeding.
  2. Open the Home folder and then go to the Music folder. You’ll see an ‘iTune’ folder there; Open it.
  3. Search for the iTune Library File in iTune folder and move it to your desktop.
  4. Open the ‘iTune’ folder now; an iTune Library file will automatically be created.
  5. Close/Quit the application and replace the iTunes Library file on the desktop. Practice this replacement in the iTune folder as well.
  6. This, in simple means that you are going to replace the automatically generated iTune Library File with the one you had on the desktop, earlier.

Now keeping your fingers crossed, open the iTunes again you’ll have everything working properly.

This error can be resulted due to a number of reasons but the important part is the solution as it just tricks the application that a new iTune Library file has been created. However this solution may fail in case of some serious errors and then all you’ll have to do is to reset everything and load your files once again.

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