Draw Images and Sketches in Messages on iPhone

Do you love drawing images and share with your friends? Are you searching for a perfect client which will let you draw images with your fingers  on your iPhone and send it to the friends or family over the Message? We have found a perfect application that will help you drawing images inside the Message App on your iPhone or iMessageon your iPad. This application is called Grafiti and is developed by the IanP.

Grafiti is the first application of its own kind which helps you to draw images on the MobileSMS by replacing the Keyboard. So, you can draw images right inside the SMS app without redirecting to different apps. To switch between the Grafiti and the simple keyboard, Click on the “Globe” button and select the Keyboard. The even best part about this tweak is that you can send it images via MMS on iPhone.

Here’s what the developer posted about Grafiti:

Grafiti is the first and only Messages keyboard just for drawing. Seamless integration with the MobileSMS app allows you to quickly and easily draw simple sketches and pictures and send them to your friends without having to leave the Messages app. 


  • Instantly draw and send pictures without having to save or switch between apps
  • Integrated with the keyboard to be as seamless as possible
  • Send images to any phone that supports MMS
  • Change the size and color of the brush
  • Undo & redo support

Usage of Grafiti is very simple. Just make sure you have at least two keyboards enabled on your device (like English and Emoji), then in the Messages app tap & hold on the globe on the keyboard and select Grafiti.

With this amazing drawing and sharing feature, you can download the app from Cydia Store for $1.00 only. What do you think about this tweak, Let us know in the comments section below.

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One Response to Draw Images and Sketches in Messages on iPhone

  1. jicao says:
    just installed it… worked the first text I wrote and then stop working… I got my phone in french and when I tap on whiteboard on my keyboard it put me the keyboard in English…
    Any tips ?

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