How to Fix “Unable to Check for Update” error While Installing iOS 6 beta 4?

Earlier this week, Apple seeded iOS 6 beta 4 to the developers with a complete change log and removed YouTube App. But some of the users are getting problem that they can’t update to iOS 6 beta 4 over the air. If you are among those users, and having an error “Unable to Check for Update” than try out the following tips to fix this problem.

  • Turn ON/OFF the Wi-Fi:

The most tested and working method is to turn on/off the Wi-Fi of your iPhone. Simply go to settings and “Wi-Fi” turn off the Wi-Fi, and again turn it on. After doing so, try the “Over the Air” Update, we hope that it will work. However, if the problem persists, follow the second method.

  • Restart your iPhone:

We have also found that rebooting an iDevice will help you to update to iOS 6 beta 4. Simply restart your iPhone and try updating OTA again it will surely work. These were the two simplest tricks to solve this problem. If none of the above mentioned method is working, you are only left it with updating via iTunes.

Simply perform a manual update just like you have been doing with previous versions, in case of any problem, don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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3 Responses to How to Fix “Unable to Check for Update” error While Installing iOS 6 beta 4?

  1. andeify says:
    None of the above worked but removing the DNS (googles DNS) solved the problem. Must be a DNS related issue, hope this helps people
  2. Kieran says:
    I found a way to get this to work. Go into Settings and click Wifi. Click the little blue arrow on your network and scroll down to DNS. Delete all the writing and click back to wifi and wait to connect to you connection again. After this then go on to Software Update and it should work from there. :D
  3. Kuasee says:
    I tried to download IOS 6 yesterday. It acted as if it was done loading and then sent me an update error. My phone is now stuck on the “plug into Itunes screen” that has the Itunes emblem and usb cord. It will not let me do anything. I am currently without a phone :(

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