iMessage not Syncing between iOS and OS X, Here’s How to Fix

Most of you may have noticed that an Apple ID is required while the setup and configuration of iMessage on Mac, iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.  This helps in syncing your messages between all of your iPhone, iPad and any Macs you are connected to. Sometimes a situation occurs when messages are not being synced completely between iOS and OS X this may be due to any problem on your iOS device or may due to glitches present on your mac. If you’re in such a situation, this guide will help you in overcoming this incomplete syncing problem between iOS and OS X.

From the iOS Device(s):

  • Open the “Messages” option from “Settings” on your iOS device and scroll down to “Receive At” which will have a phone number or an email ID after it.
  • You’ll see a “Use your Apple ID for iMessage” button there. Tap it to sign in.
  • After signing in come back to main screen and go to Mac after that.

From the Mac(s):

Once you are back on Mac, all you have to do is to go through a verification process. Check if the Apple ID that you used in Messages for Mac exactly matches the one in iOS or not.

Most of the problems like these don’t even deserve being a problem and they have very simple-to-implement solution. This is another of such type of problems and the simple cause is that most users, when setting up iMessage on their iOS device, set delivery and caller ID on their phone number. This prevents the messages to sync; the simplest solution is to use Apple ID and not a phone number.

We hope this article guides you through and helps solving your problem.

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