Insert Screenshots on iPhone Frame Using PreviewMaker [Video]

Taking screenshots on iOS devices has been a prime feature since iPhone 2G and 1st Generation iPod Touch. You can take a screenshot by pressing “Power button” and “Home button” simultaneously. If you want to modify the screenshots taken from your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can either use a professional tool just like Adobe Photoshop or can go for a basic image editor on the iPhone.

Earlier today, we have found an amazing Cydia app which will let you modify the screenshots right on your iPhone without the assistance of any professional tool or any Appstore app. This app is called, PreviewMaker and it is pretty easy to use as well. It will basically fit your screenshot in an iPhone image making it cooler than before.

Note: Current version of PreviewMaker doesn’t support the iPad, however, Developer is saying that support for iPad will be added soon.

How to use this App?

Simply download the App from Cydia Store and install it on your iDevice. After installing, take a screenshot and go back to Homescreen. From the Homescreen, launch the PreviewMaker and select the color of your iPhone [White or Black], after selecting the iPhone frame, head over to the Camera roll and select the screenshot taken earlier. Once your image is ready, you can also share it to different sharing social networking websites or can also Email to a friend. You can also save the image to use it in future. The other thing which is amazing about this app is, it also have some options, you can add watermark, select the device or can change the opacity on your iDevice.

The even best part of this app is that if you have taken a screenshot in the landscape mode, it will automatically rotate the device accordingly. With all these amazing features you can get this app for just $1.99 only from Cydia Store.

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