How to Install Siri on iPhone, iPad or iTouch Running iOS 5.1.1

How to install Siri on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad 3, 2, 1, iPod touch 4G and 3G on iOS 5.1.1 after applying Absinthe 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak. We will show how to install Siri without Siri Proxy.

Install siri on ios 5.1.1

How to install Siri on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using SiriPort):

Step 1: Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad on iOS 5.1.1 using Absinthe :

Step 2: Open Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add, then add the below source:

Install siri on ios 5.1.1

Step 3: Once you installed this repo, go and search for “Siriport” and install it, then reboot your iDevices.

Step 4: Open Safari then head over this link or this link (it will download file to your iDevice that contains Siri Proxy details, it will configure setting itself), then reboot your iDevice.

Step 5: Push and hold “Home” button, then say “Hi Siri”. Congratulations.


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92 Responses to How to Install Siri on iPhone, iPad or iTouch Running iOS 5.1.1

  1. Ice8lue says:
    Do not, NOT!, do this.
    Installing SiriPort on 5.1.1 untethered will lead to a not booting device. You also can’t boot via redsn0w! And it needs a lot of work to get it to restore!

    Again, do NOT do this!

  2. Manuel says:
    There is no SIRIPORT on … nothing.. what happened?
  3. Mike says:
    you may have to add the source several time to get it right, the servers seem to be over whelmed.
  4. At the moment the server Repo.SiriPort.Ru overwhelmed!

    Due to possible faults in the robot or not the ability to download software!

    I apologize for not easy! I did not expect that this will be an influx of people … In the course of tomorrow will try to add more servers, more stable work!

    Possible release of the Russian-language version and a version for the iPad will be delayed for a couple of days. or will be laid out manual installation method!

    • Mike says:
      how long did it take your phone to reboot on first install? mine is rebooting for about 20 min so far…..just an apple logo….
    • Richard says:
      Regardless, the siri they are making us download isnt for 5.1.1 anyway, only the old version. What to do?, Spire doesnt also, becasue it isnt supported..
  5. Mike says:
    how long did it take your phone to reboot on first install? mine is rebooting for about 10 min so far…..just an apple logo….
  6. AlexThibo says:
    He says it’s an iPhone4 because of the line, but that’s wrong… that’s 4S because of the line!
  7. fudish says:
    the address of repo doesn’t work… :-(
  8. Pete says:
    After reboot it wont go past the apple logo. My phone is stuck
  9. Maz says:
    Seems to be problem with this Siri. The real Siri is a problem in itself. Why would someone want Siri in the first place. It’s rubbish and not the way it’s meant to be. So don’t bother.
  10. rob says:
    assistant extenisions does not work with this port so not much use is it.
  11. chris says:
    Any luck on rebooting after installing siri port?
  12. Andrew says:
    You can manually download the .deb file at while the servers are in overload. :-)
  13. Johnny says:
    Mine just stayed on apple logo too. Had to do a restore and then re-jailbreak.
  14. Nabeel says:
    Is it safe to install Siri?
  15. Shah says:
    Is this work for ipad 3 ?????
  16. niroz says:
    I succeeded install the repo (several times) and install the package but the reboot take sooooo long ! Will it work ??
    thank you
  17. sc0ttl3s says:
    Did this work for anybody? I thought I’d screwed my phone so now I’ve restored it….. I left it trying to boot for a good 20 odd minutes. I’d love to have this on my phone….
  18. Hamza says:
    My Iphone 3gs is been on the apple logo for about 10 minutes after rebooting.. Any ideas?
  19. pedro says:
    I just made a reboot…this doesn’t work for me… after wating for a long time, it stoped… just dont work.
  20. Jemal says:
    I’ve done this on my iPad 2. After the installation, now Its been a continuous rebooting cycle for about 30mins. Any advice?
  21. Martin says:
    Avoid this. Its bricked my phone. Doing itunes restore now (:-
  22. Joy says:
    how long did it take your phone to reboot on first install? mine is rebooting for about 1 hour so far…..just an apple logo….
  23. Chris Andes says:
    I’m very disappointed really. I’ve read the comments of people waiting 20 minutes to reboot after installing. Its been like 2 hours now, and i’ve tried a tethered boot, untethered boot, hard shut down and restart, still nothing. Anyone have any bright idea’s? Running new jb ios 5.1.1.
  24. Dirk says:
    My iPhone4 and my iPad2 both are booting since mintes (10-15 minimum). Is there any bug or why does that takes so long? Which is the estimated boot time upon installation of siriport?
  25. Keelo says:
    Mine has also tried to reboot for last 20 min :( and its not starting back up. just stuck on the apple logo.

    Going to have to do a restore now

  26. Johnny says:
    OK just tried this. The package I downloaded was siriport(original).
    It worked a dream.
  27. Austin says:
    Yea add more servers
  28. Saagar says:
    I’ve Jailbroken. I was about to install Siri but read your comment. Should I wait until the servers are up before I install?
  29. Helder says:
    Mine still doesn’t start either…
    Starting to think this is a scam!
  30. dyke says:
    I did all the steps above but it didn’t work help!! i cant even get siri in the general settings :(
  31. Tripz says:
    Nice instructions & video , (great job).
    worked fine, only issue is waiting for it to say HI! back :)
    but it’s understandable considering the massive hits on the servers. all & all … thumbs up :)
  32. Artur says:
    now it’s almost one hour, my ipad is still rebooting and I have no idea if I can turn it on again or not…What to do?
  33. Nick says:
    Same me. Apple logo. Can not boot to home screen on ipad 3 4g
  34. Nick says:
    After install and reboot -> just apple logo. Can not kick out or fix recovery mode by using TinyUmbrella. ;(
    I can access file via iFunbox or iTools, which file/directory need to be delete to resolve this problem without restore my ipad 3 ;(
  35. Peter says:
    Hi. My Ipad 2 was rebooting all the night and nothing. I had to re-flash my device. Has anybody some idea what to do or where is the problem ?
  36. albex says:
    This fails, I had to recover my iPhone 3GS
  37. Terry says:
    It is fake. It is not working at all!
    My iPad reminds in white apple logo for 30 mins, whenever I try to restart it, it just stays in this way. I have to restore my iPad now, it’s just so annoying!
  38. deg0nz says:
    same problem.

    iPhone is booting for a very long time, then turns off.
    needed to recover firmware and jailbreak again :(

  39. Bvdk says:
    “as you can see on the side this an iPhone 4. You can tell by the lines right there” DUDE… THAT’s THE 4S!!!!! HAHAHAHA
  40. benny says:
    thanks..this working for my ipod touch 4…
  41. Edwin says:
    Well I tried this on my 3gs (old bootrom)and it did exactly what the other replays said, my 3gs was left on the apple logo all night! I just restored and rejailbroke it using absinthe 2.0 im not reattempting this again until there is some kind of working confirmation of this…..
  42. Edwin says:
  43. Hamodi says:
  44. Kasper says:
    Wow how Long did it take to reboot, I’m still waiting..
  45. hotti says:
    hey im stuck at apple logo after rebooting just like what happend with mike
    anyone got any fix?
  46. Ashhab says:
    I did it on my iPhone 4 5.1.1 untethered and it got stuck on the apple logo … NEED HELP PLEASE ! T_T
  47. Kasper says:
    Still no reboot almost 24hr this sucks!!!
  48. noreik23 says:
    Mine has been going for about 10 minutes too, what exactly is the redress to this?
  49. Vinni says:
    my phone is hangin with an apple too… how long should i resist?
  50. Nabeel says:
    Now here is the deal.
    iPhone 4 – 5.1.1
    Installed Siriport (Original) no problems. Installation complete.
    Trying Siri the respond is (I’m realy sorry about this, but i can’t take any requests etc..)
  51. Eric says:
    Same here with mine as well. Just boots to the Apple logo and hangs.
  52. john says:
    is it siriport or siriport(original)? i’m running on ios 5.1.1 untethered
  53. alp says:
    hey guys now this happend to me NEVER try to download siriport why:

    1 it wont work for long

    2 can delete apps even default iphone apps such as mail weather camera and more THIS HAPPEND TO ME

    3 after if you reboot for a few times you will end up with your idevice stucking on apple logo on reboot and wont turn on!!!!

    How to restore an i device that is stuck on apple logo is hard but here is how if you ever need

    1 connect your idevice that is turned on and stuck to logo to your computer launch itunes

    2then make sure to press home and power button at the same time for exactly 10 secendes then you must see your iphone in itues just restore it then if it upgrades and you want to jailbreak do it with absinthe 2.0.4 which supports each idevice

  54. Nabeel says:
    For IOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak make sure you sellect Siriport (Original). No boot problems.
  55. Appaholic says:
    Kids, the moral of the story is that if you want Siri, buy an 4s or wait for the new iphone. There are NO!!! working ports and proxies as of now. I’ve tried three different “working” methods and all three have completely Bricked my phone.

    The end

  56. Tripz says:
    is the server still working?
  57. Sid says:
    To all d guyz who’s idevice is stuck in boot cycle..
    U have to restore ur idevice n den jailbreak it using absinthe…
    Once u do dat install acivator from cydia..
    Then install siriport from d repo according to d type of ur idevice…
    N follow d normal procedure given on
    U wont stuck on boot cycle for sure…
  58. Yilin says:
    How can I install Siri without Cydia?

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