iOS 6 Awesome Concept [Video]

Few days before Apple unveils the shinny iOS 6 on the WWDC 2012 next week, many blogs are speculating about the new features of iOS 6. A designer called Joost Ree, has filmed an amazing concept for iOS 6, check it out after the jump.

iOS 6 concept


iOS 6 Concept [Video]:

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3 Responses to iOS 6 Awesome Concept [Video]

  1. Seere Petrova says:
    Wow I got to say it is quite charming…. I’m intrigue to see the new iOS
  2. ???? says:
    Wow. Fan tactics .????.????.??????.????.?? ??? ??? ????
  3. bob says:
    WOW, what a f… trash

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