iOS 6 Release Time / Date – All Countries Cities Timezone

iOS 6 release time? Well, on the “It’s almost here” event last week on Yerba Buena for Arts on San Francisco, Apple has announced officially the release date of iOS 6. The giant company confirmed that iOS 6 will be released for public by September 19th.

But, at any time of the day iOS 6 will be released. In fact I can’t confirm specific time for iOS 6 release, but we used to speculate about the iOSes release time. If we follow the same stories of iOS 5 and iOS 4 which have been released at 10:00AM Pacific Time, we could say that iOS 6 will be released at the same time exactly like its predecessors (September 19th – 10:00am Pacific Time)

Now let me show you iOS 6 release time according to all countries and cities timezone around the world.

iOS 6 Release Time

iOS 6 Release Time

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Update: iOS 6 has been released, download now from here

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11 Responses to iOS 6 Release Time / Date – All Countries Cities Timezone

  1. Aden says:
    Was helpful and what I was looking for.
  2. Andreas says:
    Cool. Thanks for sharing.
  3. johnny lee hooper says:
    Nice thanks
  4. john karlo says:
    can IOS6 can be jaiLbreaked ???
  5. Tim says:
    Are these local time or GMT?
  6. Marcel says:
    What is the time of release of iOS 6 in CEST?
  7. Neil says:
    I have an iPhone 4S with sprint and it’s saying i’m up to date with my software. It’s the iOs 5.1.1. Is there anything special I need to do to download the new software?

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