This is How iPad Mini Will Look Like [Images]

iPad mini is the second most rumored Apple’s product of this year, which has been supported by many famous weblogs such as NYtimes, Bloomberg and WallStreetJournal. We have also seen many leaked parts of the iPad mini. However, according to many leaks and rumors, it will have 7.85” display and it will also be a budgeted device.

The main question is the design of the iPad mini; many analysts suggest that it will have an iPad like design with low processor to make it cheap. The other side of the story says that it will have an iPod Touch like design, in short an iPod Touch with increased length. A designer, Maurizio Vitale has made some renders of the iPad mini and tries to compare it with the iPad mini with 9.7” display screen.

So, simply the iPad mini will be a larger iPod Touch with small bezels on the sides of the screen as compared to the iPad. In order to make this device cheaper, Apple will not bring the new iPad’s retina display. However, it will have the display of the iPad 2 1024×768. The other main components in the iPad mini will be a smaller dock connector, front and rear cameras and the relocated headphone jack.

What do you think about these renders? Did they look appealing to you? Share your thoughts about the iPad mini in the comments section below.

(via 9to5mac)

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