New Photos of iPad Mini Prototype

This year, 2012 is going to be very important for the Apple Inc. Because it is to be said that Apple will introduce 8 products by the end of 2012. The most important of these products are the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini which is rumored to be launched in September and October respectively. Yes, Apple will hold two different events in two months for the introduction of the new iPad mini and iPhone 5.

We have already seen many leaks and mockups about the iPad mini but this one looks very promising. The folks at posted the images of the smaller iPad with 7.85” screen. Before you read further, it is a physical mock up, not the original or leaked iPad mini. But according to the images posted by the blog, if it will be true, the iPad mini will be consisted of pure metal.

iPad mini is said to be Apple’s budgeted 7” Android tablets killer with probably dual core processor and the resolution of the first-gen iPad. The good thing about these images is that the photographer has even compared the iPad mini with the rumored iPhone 5. You can watch the whole gallery below. Apple will bring this iPad mini with a price tag of $199-$299. Will you buy an iPad mini in this price range? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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One Response to New Photos of iPad Mini Prototype

  1. Shaun says:
    That’s a iPhone 4/4S not 5.

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