iPhone 5 Housing Manhandled On Video

The folks over eTradeSupply filmed 5-minutes video that shows us the metal housing supposedly meant to wrap around the upcoming iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Pics

image via 9to5mac

Now, there’s not much here that wasn’t visible in the original set of images that 9to5Mac obtained — a thinner, longer frame to accommodate a larger 16:9 display, the inclusion of a much smaller dock connector port, an annoyingly positioned headphone jack — but the fellow on video seemed eager to provide viewers with a bit of extra context. It isn’t long at all before he whips out an iPhone 4S and starts addressing design changes point by point, though it’s still infuriatingly unclear whether or not the component will actually grace Apple’s final product.

(Via TechCrunch)

(Image via 9to5mac)

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2 Responses to iPhone 5 Housing Manhandled On Video

  1. Chris Hatch says:
    This part is most definitely a fake. The quality is very off to the average apple product. The other main change is the lack of a top placed microphone. This microphone is what allows the iPhones noise canceling feature to work. It was a main staple of the keynote for the iPhone saying the sound and call quality is superior with this added mic. Also it is disproportional on the bottom, for a company that rips up the sidewalks in front of its stores to be symmetrical, they would never produces such an a-symmetrical design and live with themselves.
  2. adil says:
    i chant get on it

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