All Hands on Comments : iPhone 5 is a Pretty Sweet iPhone [Video]

After the end of iPhone 5 Media Event, Apple allowed the attendees to use iPhone 5 on area. Some of web blogs’ reps were lucky. All impressions focused on how light and thin the iPhone 5 feels. From the below impressions we can say that iPhone 5 is a pretty sweet iPhone.

iPhone hands on video


“Build quality is quite nice and the solid aluminum is quite unique and quite solid. Hopefully this will reduce some damage if it falls on a hard surface.”

“The biggest change, literally, is the larger screen. Here, I’m thankful that Apple opted not to go wider. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is too big for my taste and I think Apple is right to say that the width of the iPhone is right for the average hand.”

iPhone hands on video


“Gripping it, your thumb is able to navigate the full length of the display without stretching, just as promised, and while it’s undoubtedly a light handset it doesn’t feel delicate.”

Tech Radar

What perhaps is more suprising is just how much snappier this feels than the iPhone 4S. The A6 chip clearly has significant amount more grunt under its smaller hood – but what is surprising is that you can immediately tell when you use the device alongside its predecessor.

The Verge

The 7.6mm, 112-gram chassis is incredibly sleek, and exceptionally light… it feels almost too light in the hand. This isn’t just in comparison to the relatively heavy iPhone 4S – sure, the iPhone 5 may not be the thinnest phone out there as Apple claims – but this feels incredibly light against smartphones in general.
The iPhone 5 is still a sturdy and solid-feeling device, despite the weight loss. The back is primarily a slab of machined aluminum – as are the sides – but just as we saw in the leaks there are two strips of glass along the top and bottom of the device. These strips feel identical to the glass that drapes over the entire face of the device.


“Much like the speed increases between the iPhone 4 and 4S (and before that, the iPhone 3G vs. iPhone 3GS), they won’t take you by storm right away. But, use it for half an hour and you’ll have a hard time going back to a slower chip. The transitions are smoother, switching between apps is a bit quicker and everything just generally feels incrementally faster.”

iPhone 5 Hands-on Video:

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  1. Angelo says:

    It just isn’t ment for the average majority, so here’s what you do. Make it reasonably priced for the majority and offer the choice to opt out of the data plan. Make a change or get left in the dust.

  2. Adam says:


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