iPhone 5 to Feature 1GB RAM, 4G LTE and NFC

The guys over BGR are confirming that production of iPhone 5 didn’t start yet. Usually, Apple goes through multiple tests and staged before manufacturing began. Stage 1 is “Engineering Verification Test”, Stage 2 “Design Verification Test”. According to sources, iPhone 5 now on EVT3 stage (the third revision of the Engineering Verification Test) and not yet entered the DVT (Design Verification Test) stage.

So here’s what happened to iPhone 4:

1. Verizon iPhone 4: This hit the EVT2 stage in mid-November, hit EVT3 the last week of November, and got up to DVT2 in late December.
2. iPhone 4: The unit that was lost in a San Francisco bar was in DVT stage in late March, and had hit EVT2 by mid-February of 2010.

The trusted sources also confirm that iPhone 5 that is being now have 1GB of RAM which is double the iPhone 4′s 512MB, integrated 4G LTE and NFC hardware also presented as well.

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