Claimed Photo of iPhone 5 / iPad Mini Sync Cable

The rumors about smaller dock connector of iPhone 5 and iPad mini was started back in February when the first weblog, iMore posted about it. However, later on many famous weblogs such as Techcrunch, WSJ and even the NYT supported the idea of the smaller dock connector. Firstly, it was said that the next-gen iPhone and iPad mini will have 19 pin dock connector. But later on, this rumor was contradicted by rumor of 8 pin dock connector.

What will be the exact size of this smaller dock connector? We can’t say anything about that however; a Chinese website has posted a supposed image of the smaller dock connecting USB Cable. According to this image, it is 8 pin dock connecting cable. This image shows the fully assembled dock connecting cable of the iPad mini and the iPhone. When you clearly see the image, it shows that this cable has scannable code and some text written over its dock connector plug.

According to many sources, Apple will announce next-gen iPhone 5 and iPad mini on 12th September at big launch event. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about this smaller dock connector sync cable.

(via iLounge)

Update : Apple Media event has been ended and iPhone 5 has been released – here’s iPhone 5 features and Specs.

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One Response to Claimed Photo of iPhone 5 / iPad Mini Sync Cable

  1. Jazzy Singh says:

    are there any major differences of the new and old USB cable other than it being smaller?

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