iPhone 5 Leaked Photos

The guys over 9to5mac received some photos of a claimed next-generation iPhone (iPhone 5). The images shows the back plate and sides of the upcoming iPhone 5.

According to our supply chain sources, who obtained these parts, the frame indicates that the new iPhone will be the same width as the current 4 and 4S models, but it will be longer. This adds to our report in which we claimed the new iPhone would sport a taller screen with the same width. Sources say that the new iPhone’s interface will be redesigned to take advantage of the newly available screen real estate. The screen resolution is said to be 1136 x 640, with a screen size of 3.999 inches (diagonally)

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2 Responses to iPhone 5 Leaked Photos

  1. The Maker says:
    Very bad design apple, f¥<( you apple…
    Wider not taller, why not 6" long screen dic h/d tim
  2. Ken says:
    Can’t wait until I can shit a text to my ex.

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