iPhone 5 pre-orders to Begin on 12th September [report]

Do you still remember the iPhone 4S announce and pre-order dates? iPhone 4S was unveiled on 4th October however pre-orders were started three days later, on 7th of October. The next thing is when the first iPhone 4S received his/her device? It was 14th of October. Contrary to this report, Earlier today, iMore posted a report that Apple will start pre-orders of the iPhone 4S on the same date of its announcement which is said to be 12th of September.

Earlier this month, we posted a complete report on release date of iPhone 5, according to a very reliable source; Apple will unveil its next gen iPhone on next big event on 12th of September. This release date was also rumored by iMore, which had been very famous in predicting the exact date of The New iPad last year. According to a latest report, Apple will announce its iPhone on 12th September and will also start the pre-orders on the same day. However, it will be released 9 days after the announcement.

We will also see another difference this time, unlike last time, Apple will first release iPhone in US on 21st, however, second round of release will take place in the first week of October, you can say 5th of October 2012. During the second round, iPhone will be released in the other international markets.

The other things which will be released with the new iPhone are the completely redesigned iPod Touch and iPad mini. However, the next-gen iPhone is said to have 4.0” display screen, thinner body due to in-cell technology, LTE and NFC Technology.

What do you think about this release date? Let us know in the comments section  below.

(via iMore)

Update : Apple Media event has been ended and iPhone 5 has been released – here’s iPhone 5 features and Specs.

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