How To Run iPhone Apps In Full Screen Mode [Video]

If you are one of those people who just really get a kick out of running everything in full screen on your home computer, then you might appreciate the fact that a new jailbreak tweak by the name of Maximization would let you emulate the behavior on your Apple iPhone screen as well.

With Maximization you can even get rid of the status bar at the top of the screen on your iPhone, which primarily serves the purpose of showing you the time, the amount of juice left in your battery, your cell signal and whatnot. And lets you truly emulate that full screen experience on your iPhone screen.


Now you might ask the question, what can i really do with Maximization jailbreak tweak. Well, what you can do is that once Maximization is installed on your jailbroken iDevice, you can force run all your apps, games etc on full-screen mode natively, even those that didn’t have the ability to run in full screen mode before.

Installation of Maximization is a simple process and once installed, it would force your applications to claim the space vacated by the home screen, and ergo running in full screen mode. While technically the status bar doesn’t take up a lot of space on your screen, but if it is something that bothers you or just seems to be a bit distracting to you then, Maximization jailbreak tweak would help you in getting rid of it from your screen

Now the developer did take into consideration the fact that people might still want to, maybe, take a look at the battery levels and the time, as naturally running in fullscreen would not make it possible for you to see that without getting back to the homescreen, so the developer left an option to quickly check out the time and battery levels by swiping down from the notifications menu area at the top of the screen

And the best thing about Maximization jailbreak tweak is that it is free. You can grab Maximization from the ModMyi repository on Cydia and take this for a spin yourself.

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