iPhone Case with Physical Keyboard

Did you always want to try out the full Qwerty Keyboard on your iPhone? There are many cases out there which will do the similar task but none of them is as perfect as Spike Keyboard. Spike Keyboard is actually an amalgam of Keyboard and protective case which will also provide extra protection to your iPhone.

This is really an awesome accessory which will make typing much easier as compared to the native touch screen. It makes an iPhone an easier platform to type on as it is easy to touch without any external aid like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. You can call it a flexible case to put on as it facilitates you with iPhone’s full screen whenever you are not using keyboard while you can make it disappear from the screen by flipping it to the back. It is available in the form of spike1 and spike2, regardless of any special differences. Spike 1 show the Physical Home Button while spike 2 hides it also.

Usually spike keyboard and protective case comes in two colors pitch black and icy white colors but limited edition colors are green and gray while other unique colors are on the way. It is a great innovation which serves as extended keyboard allowing you to type as smoothly and swiftly as you can usually do while touch and type.

Besides its amazing features, this case is still a bulky one because hiding your keyboard to the back of your iPhone will make it more bulky. However, this thing depends upon your love with external Keyboard on your iPhone. If you are tired of the soft native keyboard and want a physical keyboard for your iPhone than this is a must have device for your iPhone.

You can be a part of this project and get this keyboard by applying by spending $50 for this pledge. You still have 32 days to apply to get this case. What do you think about this physical case? Let us know in the comments section below.

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