iPhone Water Proof Case

iPhone is probably the most versatile phone, which has a large number of cases available for it in the market. These cases range from very thick to very thin to cope with extreme conditions or to use your iDevice in normal life. Well, if you are planning to go for under water diving and are looking for real water proof case for your iPhone, then scuba case from photojojo is really the thing you need.

Scuba case is something more than all water proof cases available in the market. Using this case on your iPhone, you can take your iPhone to 15 feet deep under water. That’s not enough you can do pretty much tasks using this case. The special protection around headphone jack and lens cover allows you to listen music or take pictures from your iPhone, even if you are in deep water. However, the front screen is protected by the gel screen cover.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to grab this scuba case for your iPhone? Wait, there are some draw backs of this case, the very 1st thing is the shape, it doesn’t have a nice, attractive shape. The next thing is its thickness, it is half an inch thick and last but not least, using this case, you won’t be able to connect your iPhone with Cable, so every time you want to charge your iPhone, you will need to uncover your iPhone.

However, with the amalgam of advantages and disadvantages, you can get this case from photojojo store for just $60 only. What are your thoughts about this case? Let us know in the comments section below.

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5 Responses to iPhone Water Proof Case

  1. Ricky says:
    Can i know where to get this case in the market?
  2. Michael says:
    Where do I buy it?
  3. Jordan archer says:
    It is quite a good case I must admit… But my favorite case so far would still have to be lifeproof case for iPhones… Waterproof, freeze proof, drop proof. And it’s very slim in comparrison to its competition…
    Slimipicity does makes a big difference!
  4. ihsan says:
    is this cover on ebay
  5. Rob says:
    You can get it at the photojojo.com store. It’s currently sold out. It’s $60 and would ship out late July.

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