Top Five Mobile Safari Alternatives for iPhone and iPad

No doubt, Safari is the mostly used web browser on Mobile phone and mostly the users from Mobile Web Browsing belongs to the Apple native browser, Safari. But it still lack some features, for example it will not allow you to sync your browsing history, bookmarks, passwords and many other details with the Desktop browser. Moreover, many other potential web browsers are available which clearly have some amazing features such as gestures and voice search on Dolphin for iPhone and iPad.

However, if you want to switch from Safari, we have the following best options for you. we have complied the five best browsers on iOS of all times.

1. Google Chrome:

Google Chrome needs no introduction; it is already the number one web browsing app in the App Store. It gives you an ultimate experience of web usage on your iPhone or iPad. The best part about this browser is that it will automatically sync all history, bookmarks, passwords and search items from your desktop browser to your iPhone or iPad. Moreover, many tweaks are available in Cydia which will make it a perfect web browser. All in all, it is absolutely free of cost.

Download Chrome for iPhone or iPad

2. Dolphin Browser:

if you want to have a totally new gesture based web browsing on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad than the Dolphin browser is the perfect choice for you. Using this web browser, you can enable the voice search and search the items directly by speaking. However, swipe from Left to right to show the detailed browsing history. You can also use certain symbols and gestures to open the different web pages. Other amazing modes include the Smart Address Bar, Desktop Experience and much more. If you love to try something amazing, this is a must have application for your iPhone or iPad. Moreover, it is also absolutely free of cost.

Download Dolphin for iPhone or iPad

3. Opera Mini:

Opera mini is one of the oldest web browsers available for Mobile Phones. I still remind it using on my Symbian S60 devices. However, if you have a slow internet connection than you should try it out because it uses a unique technology which will compresses the web pages and hence will load the web pages faster as compared to other web browser.


Download Opera for iPhone or iPad

4. Switch for iPad:

Switch for iPad is a unique browser which will help different people to use their login to start a new session. So, if you have a combined iPad than every person can use his/her own login. It will also save bookmarks, history and searches for each user differently. With this extra-ordinary feature, this web browser will cost you $4.99 and it is only compatible with the iPad.

Download Switch for iPad

5. Mercury Web browser:

Mercury is the least most favorite web browser in our list. However, it also has certain features such as

  • Private Web Browsing
  • Navigate With Gestures
  • Readability
  • Firefox Sync
  • More than 10 different themes

Download Mercury for iPhone or iPad

With all this unique features, you can grab Mercury Web Browser for your iPhone and iPad for just $0.99 only.

What is your favorite Web browser? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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