Mark Your iPhone More Secure

The iPhone is the most popular smartphone ever, no matter how cheap or how many smartphones there are in the market, the iPhone takes away the competition. The handset has an ample of utilities and different applications and you can do a lot with an iPhone. It’s also a good place for data storage and you can save your credit card numbers, PINs, passwords and a lot more. However, you need to make sure your iPhone is protected and fully secure to be free from any security lapses.

Today we bring you some tips to make your iPhone secure.

Passcode Lock: The passcode lock is a built in feature on the iPhone that makes accessing the iPhone impossible without the 4-digit passcode. You can go to the general options and then go to passcode lock and make a 4-digit password for your device.

Pin Assignment for your SIM: If your iPhone gets stolen, thieves will be tempted to use your SIM on some other device, however, iPhone users can assign a PIN to their SIM card which needs to be entered if it is inserted into any other device.

Auto Lock: A feature that is present is almost every phone; it’s very useful as you don’t have to remember to lock the device. The auto lock asks for the 4-digit passcode without which no one can access your iPhone.

Mobile Monitoring App: Yes it’s true they have got an app for everything and this mobile monitoring app lets you secure your device from thefts and it monitors your iPhone as well. You can remotely lock your iPhone and even erase any data on it. You can also track the location of your iPhone via GPS and this feature really comes in handy when your iPhone gets stolen or you can’t find where you left it last.

Making your iPhone as secure as possible is very important, you never know when things can go wrong and so you need to implement safety measures to keep your phone and its contents safe. It also keeps you prepared in case anything does happen to your iPhone.


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2 Responses to Mark Your iPhone More Secure

  1. esfulct says:
    My iphone4 32gb got stolen, how can i track it by GPS inside that? Please help me by tweeting the answer for me.
    Tnx broz!
  2. Jin says:
    LOL!!!! They better start changing marketing strategies cause you should check out their stocks and sales. LOL!!!!

    And plssss….I don’t think this phone is anywhere NEAR “most popular”….it’s a great phone but that’s about it.

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