Mountain Lion Notification Center Walkthrough

­­The latest version of Mac OS X is something that can leave you longing for more and more, once you have had it installed on your Mac. Being an iOS user, you may well know how the “Notification Centre” as it is one of the most captivating features of OS X.

How to Access Notification Center?

In Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 you can access the notification bar in two ways

  • One is by clicking on the notification center icon located at the extreme right of the menu bar
  • The other is to swipe two fingers of yours from right to left, on the Trackpad.

How to Enable Trackpad gesture for Notification Center?

To use to the second method, that is the swiping of two fingers, it must first be enabled. This option can be found under the Trackpad option located in ‘System Preferences’.

Settings for Notification Center:

Other settings related to the Notification center can be found under the ‘Notifications’ option in the “System Preferences”. If you click the Notification option, a list of the apps integrated with Notification center, appears. You can then choose all the app related details ranging from the type of alert to the display of app in notification center. There may be few applications that you want to keep on the top of the list; for the purpose, you can even record the list of those apps and Notification Center will manually sort it.

Alert types in Notification Center:

Talking about the alert types in the notification bar:

  • Banners are the one that pops in for few seconds and then disappears.
  • The other one, however, is the Alerts that won’t go away unless and until you check the notification.

Don’t disturb type feature:

Apart from all the other stuff, there is one appreciable thing about the notification center in OS X and that is if you are busy or are doing stuff, you can always put your phone in “No available” mode.

How to integrate Notifications with Twitter?

Notifications can be integrated with Twitter and tweets can now directly be sent right from the Notification Center. Click the Tweet button to Tweet, after you have added a Twitter account in notification Center.

Do let us know in the comments below about the way you feel towards Notification Center in OS X.

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