Download Mountain Lion Theme for iPhone

Most of us are dependent on our smart phones and iPhone these days as sometimes, you get in to situations where you have to deliver the task from remote areas. In such cases, any utility that can give you the experience of working on a desktop on small screen becomes a real comforter. iOS X Ultimatum is one of the best looking themes which does the job efficiently.

When it comes to choosing a theme, the first thing that a user thinks is the “look” and the design; a theme that looks most beautiful is preferably chosen by maximum number of users. Performance perspective is usually ignored and just as other themes; iOS X Ultimatum is also good with the looks but when it comes performance, it is not that good to be appreciated.

Out of the issues reported by users, major is the failure to get the finger taps registered on the screen. Many users said they had to tap multiple times for getting the desired action done.

Keeping this performance thing aside, I must say this theme has no match when it comes to the graphics. It provides sharp graphic and has an easily customizable dock and menu. You’d, very much, like this theme if you admire beauty and are a fan of DreamBoard as it is a fine addition to the DreamBoard library, as source said. In case you don’t know, DreamBoard is a client just like the WinterBoard but most of themes available on DreamBoard are paid. However, it gives you a completely different experience which will not be possible with WinterBoard.

Do you want to give it a try? If yes, then you can easily get this theme for just $2.00 at ModMyi Forums.

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  1. Chapung says:
    the best ever !!!

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