Open Links in Same Application without Redirecting to Safari

Sometimes Cydia tweaks become such an amazing things that they can help you to sort out a very minor problem or even a bigger one. BrowseInApp is such a kind of tweak which is loaded with a little yet useful mode. This tweak will help you to open a link in the same application without redirecting to Safari or any other Default browser. So, those apps which don’t have this function such as Mail, Messages or WhatsApp will get this function.

Here’s what developer said about it:

BrowseInApp, a tweak that can open links in app without switching to Safari.

It supports opening a website or store link directly in the apps that do not include a built-in browser, such as Mail, Messages, WhatsApp.

What will be the benefit of installing this tweak?

The main advantage of this tweak is that it will saves your time which is although very little and the memory which is used in opening the Safari or Google Chrome. So, you will get your website in no time in the same browser. The browser function inside the app also has a pretty simple edit-able bar. So, you can also open another website.

How this tweak will work?

First of download this app from Cydia Store, you can get it for $0.99 only. This is very smooth and working perfectly without any bugs. After downloading, enable this app from the Settings. Once the tweak is enabled, try opening a link in the app, you will get three options, Open in the app (main function of this tweak), Open in Safari or Copy the link. Simply tap any of them as you want.

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