Quickly Reply to Facebook Messages on iPhone [Video]

Facebook has already become an integral part of our lives more than any other social media networks. And more than using text message services of our carriers, we happen to find ourselves mostly on the internet or more precisely at facebook in order to interact with our family and friends. In the meantime, if we find some interesting game or app in our iDevices and still a sudden notification update alarms from facebook and interrupts our gaming and stuff, this is really very annoying. To kill this annoying alarm, a solution from Bigboss repository is now available with the name of Quickreply only for $1.99.

To aid comfort this cool tweak allows you replying quickly instead of opening the Facebook app and it hence lets you to continue your joy. Like any other text message tweak, Quickreply allows you to read and reply your Facebook text messages in the quickest manner without causing any interruption. It actually syncs with your Facebook account and allows it to send and receive messages without any delay and make it fully compatible and to rely on with no care. The text messages from Facebook appear at your lock screen exactly the same way as a text message appears at your lock screen in iOS 5 for iMessages. For quick access, slide your finger or let it be saved in notification bar for later.

If you have already a Facebook account (who don’t have one?), then what you are waiting for? Grab Quickreply for Messenger today for discount offer $0.99 if you already have TwitkaFly installed to your iDevice.

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