Record iPhone / iPad Display without Jailbreak

How to Record iPhone or iPad Display without Jailbreak? Well, do you want to record the video of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad’s screen without Jailbreak? The famous Cydia developer introduced a tweak called display recorder which will let you record the video of iDevice’s screen. But this was a jailbreak tweak; however, today we came across with a strange app from App store which will let you do the same task.

Bugun Software has developed the application and didn’t even bother to change the name of application. This App is also called Display Recorder, but it is slightly different the native jailbreak tweak. For example, using this app, you will need to open the app first and then it will record the videos. And a red bar will be always showing on the top of your iDevice’s screen, no matter which app you are using.

Currently this version has a bug which is related with region settings, you can simply fix this bug by follow the simple steps posted by the developer:

Step1: Launch Settings app of your iPhone/iPod/iPad.
Step 2: Choose General >> International.
Step 3: Change Region Format to United States.

However, this app also have some unique features as compared to other screen recording features such as .

  •  High quality H264 mp4 format recording
  • Upload videos to YouTube right from your iDevice.
  • Amazing Audio Quality Recording
  • Export recorded video to Photo Library.
  • Hardware accelerated video encoding.

With all these amazing features, you can grab this app from Appstore for just $1.99 only [iTunes Link]. What are your thoughts about this app? Let us know in the comments section below.

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