How to Quickly Save Contact Number from Message on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Sending and receiving contacts from iPhone to iPhone is a really easy job by using the “share contact” option in a contact. What if the other person doesn’t have an iPhone and he/she will send you a contact in just a number form. You will need to look for a Pen to write down the number to save in the contacts later or you will need to memorize it and that’s a hectic job. I Think, you don’t need to worry because using this very small yet very useful tip, you can save a number directly from the iMessage or Message to contacts. Follow the simple instructions below.

  • When you receive a text message with a contact number in it, a blue arrow will be shown next to that text message.
  • Hit on the Blue arrow button
  • It will show all the options that you can do with this contact such as “Message, Face Time, Create New contact or Update existing contact”. Select any of the options as per your needs.

This tip will surely work with all iDevices iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, but it will be best for all the iPhone users. What do you think?  Let us know in the comments section below.

(via OSX)

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