ScrollThindicator Slims Up The Scroll Bar On Your iPhone

ScrollThindicator is a jailbreak tweak that technically is of no real use to anyone who uses it, but still kudos to the developer for some out of the box thinking for developing this cheeky little jailbreak tweak. While we don’t see why anyone would ever want to change the size of their scroll bar on the iPhone, seeing as how un-obstructive they are on their own, still if the size of the scroll bar is something that irks you often, then ScrollThindicator can shed the fat off them for you.


The play on the name “ScrollThindicator” is in itself enough to gauge the concept behind this jailbreak tweak, which is basically to change the width of the scroll bar on your iPhone, it an attempt to make it more aesthetically pleasing. ScrollThindicator strips off the fat of the scroll bar and the difference is visible when we compared the two side by side in the video below. And well, err, that’s just about it, as that’s all that it does really.

So like we said before, this is definitely not something that would be remembered too long, and might be lost in the abyss of jailbreak tweaks that Cydia is. ScrollThindicator’s sole job is to make your scroll bar thinner and it does just that. No icons, no menus no fluff

The insignificance is underwhelming one might say, but for a free jailbreak tweak, there’s nothing for you to lose. However having said all that, I actually kinda like the thinner scroll bar more than it’s obese cousin, so maybe it’s not so pointless after all. You can give this a shot on the BigBoss repository on Cydia.

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