How to Easily Send Contacts from iPhone to Antoher Smartphone or iPhone

Have you been to the situation when you had to transfer over hundred contacts from one of your iPhones to another? It would be extremely hectic to add all those contacts manually. There are automated ways to get this thing done by sending vCards via email or text message. Here is your guide on how to transfer your contacts from an iPhone to someone else:

  • With your iPhone turned on, open your contacts.
  • Directly go to the contact that you want to share and tap on the name.
  • You’ll see a list of option; Choose “Share Contact”.
  • The very next screen displays different ways to send a contact to another phone. To send it as an email attachment, choose “Email” or choose “Message” if you want to send it through iMessage or SMS text.

As per the choice you make, either the Mail app or the Message app will open with the contact contained in it. For sending the contact through messages, your recipient should be having either the SMS service, or the iMessage service. From this point on, you can simply send the message or email as you normally would. The recipient may or may not have the contact you are sending, so all they have to do is to check the contact card and either create a new contact or add it to the existing contact.

The only questions that you may be left up with may be the confusion about the vCard format. Well! The format is standardized and works on almost every smartphone. So, start using this sharing system and send contacts easily among iPhone and Smartphone. What do you think? In case of any problem, don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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