Share Clipboard Data between iPhone and PC [Video]

One of the very basic requirements of a smartphone user is the transfer of data at anytime. This brings forward, a need to have better data copying and manipulation options. Talking specifically about the Jailbroken iOS devices, we all know of such enhancements that help and support the users to copy data on the clipboard for later manipulation and use. There is still nothing that gives some extra power and excess to the user over clipboard management features.

So let’s find out your category first; do you have a Jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 5 or above installed? If yes, then you are lucky enough to be eligible of enjoying an interface enhancement that allows you to upload data directly to a Dropbox account. This, then, can be synced across multiple platforms.

Now you can copy images, text messages and even complete websites from anywhere in the iOS, using this package that lets you use iOS’s own clipboard for the purpose. You can send this copied content via Facebook, SMS, twitter or whatever you want. One key feature is the package’s Dropbox support; this makes the information copied to the clipboard, available to all the devices that have Dropbox access.

Additional features include a desktop app that sends the clipped information to Dropbox itself. Problems arise due to the fact that the data uploaded to the cloud can’t be accessed directly as it is saved in XML format. This package can be bought at a small amount of $1.99 and downloaded from the BigBoss repository. As for the compatibility, it is compatible with iPhone and iPad installed with iOS 5 and above!

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