Show “Now Playing” Notification in Notification Center on Mountain Lion

In most smartphones that come with a good quality built-in music player, there is a notification pop-up that displays the song name being played. Talking about the Mac OS X, we all know its earlier versions had a “Now Playing” notification pop up which could be seen over the iTunes Dock icon, this displayed a the song and the singer’s name. Shockingly, OS X Mountain Lion lacks this feature, but guess what? Third party developers have once again played their part effectively. This tool, that third parties developed, displays the current song and artist name in the Notification Center.

Here is a simple step-to-step guide that helps you get the “Now Playing” Alert in Notification Center, but this only works on versions of OS X later than 10.8:

  • From MediaFire, DOWNLOAD Now Playing and unzip it.
  • Open ‘Applications’ folder and move “Now Playing” in to there. Then CTRL + Click the application to open it. You’ll see a ‘get around the Gatekeeper app warning app’, launch it.
  • Quit out of iTunes and then launch it again. Play a song and you’ll see the song name and artist name in the Notification Center.

Now each time you switch a song, it will be displayed in the notification center and the notification center will expand over your desktop. It will then automatically minimize itself to the Notification Center panel. Do try it and leave tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

(via OSX)

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2 Responses to Show “Now Playing” Notification in Notification Center on Mountain Lion

  1. Jeroen E says:
    Thanks for this! On OS X lion I did it with terminal so it would display it. Now the notification center is here, why not use it? Thanks for this!
  2. cloud says:
    ubuntu have done it with such players like clementine, rhythmbox, amarok. -___-”a

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