Simplify Your iPhone Notifications With SimpleBanners [Video]

It seems like this week was full of jailbreak tweaks tailored around the modifications of notification banners on the iOS, as we just covered Minibanners jailbreak tweak a couple of days back, that lets you miniaturize your notification banners. Today, we shall cover a jailbreak tweak that lets you simplify your notifications banners. SimpleBanners is the jailbreak tweak that lets you do just that.


Like its name suggests, SimpleBanners works by letting you manage the individual components that make up a notifications banner. The banner consists of the text body, which describes what the notification is about, the icon of the app that issued the notification along with the notifying sound, and the name of the application. SimpleBanners lets you control each individual aspect of the notification so that you can simplify it according to your liking.

This essentially means that if you want to remove a certain component of the notification banner, such as the app icon, you now have the means to do that with SimpleBanners. Thus you have the means to simplify your banner notifications by controlling the individual components that make up a notification banner, simplifying it in the process, as the name suggests.

SimpleBanners gives you a settings menu with the five toggle options that you can use to activate or de-activate the individual components described above. Be sure to re-spring every time you toggle an option to make it work. If you turn off all options then naturally you won’t get any banner notifications.

You can download SimpleBanners from the BigBoss Repository on Cydia for free. If you get a lot of notifications on your iPhone, then you can try out SimpleBanners jailbreak tweak to see how it works out for you. Let us know in the comments below.

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One Response to Simplify Your iPhone Notifications With SimpleBanners [Video]

  1. Ro Fleming says:
    This notification center tweak look pretty cool, though I haven’t tried it out yet.

    Quick question: What theme is being used in the top picture? It looks great and was hoping to get it since I lost all my custom-made themes.

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